Manic dancing, a little trashy pop and a dedication

I realised its time to re-evaluate things, when I returned from an extra Zumba class, soaked to the bone in sweat, only to meet my neighbour who looked at me curiously.

“Went swimming, is it?” she asked, trying hard to sound polite but unable to mask her disgust.

Sheepishly, I had to let her know that it’s possible I might be swimming. Just in my own sweat. Quickly unlocking the door and rushing in, I raced up the stairs still very high on endorphins. The thing with getting a happy hormone buzz post 7 pm is that I am wound up and wired to go! When the rest of the world is winding down, getting ready for dinner and other calm activities, I feel like I could go out and for a run. I find the only way to get rid of the high, is to dance it off.

I’m the kind of freak that comes back from an hour-long dance lesson, only to dance some more. I fished out one of my latest favourites, played it on loop. Three times did the trick.

Part of the reason I can’t mellow down immediately after a class is because I get back into my car to drive home, and stuff like this plays on the radio, almost immediately

and this

and, gawd I’m so sorry to be sharing it, but this

After a while, listening to this play in the background so often, I find myself singing along, word for word and I stop  in my tracks and wonder, wait when did that happen?!

Today though, I heard a song I’d never heard before. It is trashy as hell. But it made me smile. VC if you’re reading, you have to spare three and a half minutes, grab your earphones and listen to this one. You’ll know why.


7 thoughts on “Manic dancing, a little trashy pop and a dedication

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  3. You’re so funny! This is like Indigo’s favourite stuff to play. Of all the songs you posted I only like Timber, but I can’t stand Pitbull’s part. Only Kesha’s. Apparently she used to spell her name like Ke$ha but now she’s gone back to Kesha, without the dollar sign.


    1. For reallzz they play this crap on loop! The ke$ha song is actually most annoying for me.

      And wow they actually think about the dollar-no-dollar thing. Wonder wat the idea was behind it.


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