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Oh, hey!

If you’re still here reading, thanks for sticking around and bearing with my repeated disappearances. I have an open tab next door with a half-written post, my thoughts on Bangalore, writing in peace and the summer since. A post I began typing out a week ago, but ever since I got back I’ve been on vacation mode. My editor went absconding, a friend arrived on the weekend and I have spent my days being a semi-tourist in my own city. In addition to stripping my reader down to the bare minimum and switching almost wholly to reading on the ipad, I opened up my laptop after a week today — a luxury I am planning to make a habit.

But I came back to share a couple of links. Before I wrote that post about feeling a little miffed at constantly being questioned about the working of my reproductive system, hormones and my views on what I plan to do with it all, I felt incredibly alone. I hadn’t met too many women who expressed that babies are not really a priority in their lives, and everywhere I looked, nobody really shared or understood why I was so annoyed every time someone mocked, joked or made a fuss about the lack of babies in my life.

Reading a Thought Catalogue article about something similar, made me feel less alone, and writing my own post even more so. But when Women’s Web decided to post it on their website, and I heard from so many women via comments on the blog and on facebook, on their page my own — I feel less isolated in feeling this way.

There is a different kind of joy in connecting with strangers over very personal feelings, no?

And while we’re on the topic of media loving and sharing, Hungry and Excited and Haathi were featured on here on Homegrown. Aside from some glaring, inexcusable errors (and the fact that there seems to be zilch “writing” involved on the part of the writer who wrote the piece), I was happy to be featured amongst some of the people I have read and admired.

Read, chew, share.

And meanwhile, here’s a few things I’ve been busy with.






I’ll be back.


9 thoughts on “Link love

  1. I so understand what you mean by feeling less alone when you discover that someone else’s thoughts mirror yours, especially when you are used to meeting wiith resistance. Been there, done that.

    Congratulations on being featured on Homegrown!


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