Because I’m Happy

Yeah, despite the last two posts being tagged under the “Bheja Fry” section of this blog, believe it or not, I am happy. After three days of continuous political discussions, debates at home, opinions being aired all over the place, and then that dreaded flight back (which was the last straw on my back), I woke up to excellent happy news on Monday morning.

I’ve been obsessed with WIll Pharrell’s Happy ever since the brilliant 24 hour video website was launched earlier this year. When cities across the world started making their own Happy videos, a tiny keeda lodged itself in my brain. I wanted to make one that featured the many happy things in Goa, because it just seemed so apt. But I am neither equipped to make a film, nor do I have the clout to gather enough happy people. Also the few people I floated the idea too weren’t as enthusiastic. So the keeda died a sudden and untimely death. Until one afternoon, when my friend Princy and I discussed it on a whim over lunch. The keeda lay there festering, even more fueled by Ramya’s post about the Vizag video, and before we knew it we were out filming one very, very hot weekend. Two days in the sun, driving around Goa, filming locations, people, coordinating various shots, slowly becoming pros at chatting up complete strangers and asking them to do a jig for us, and getting even better at breaking into a far from coordinated move (or if you’re anything like me, doing cartwheels on a busy beach) in the middle of a crowded street, we thought we had enough footage to get this together. But the first cut wasn’t as hot as we’d expected. I took off to Bangalore mid-way, and Princy and her husband took on another couple of days of painstaking filming, and many many days of tedious editing which finally resulted in this piece of happy news that reached me on Monday morning.

Pharrell love has finally hit Goa!

I’m stoked with how it finally turned out considering its rather humble and small beginnings in our very inexperienced hands. Neither Princy nor I know the first thing about making films, so it was natural that the first cut was far from slick or even remotely professional. Princy is a dance instructor at the fitness studio I go to, and I am fast becoming a pro at getting my hands into way too many pie so of course I jumped in when she expressed interest in making the video. Thankfully, her very talented wedding photo/cinematographer husband Amrit pitched in, in parts and gave the film the professional touch it needed. It made me very happy to see that something that started as a fun thing to do to make a weekend exciting, finally turned into a video that someone thought we’d made for Goa Tourism!

It was truly a happy project, started very casually with the two of us lazily gathering people to come join us, but as the days went by it picked up momentum, people jumped on the bandwagon and offered all kinds of help. From posing/dancing for us, to helping us cast the right faces, finding more enthusiastic people, and providing suggestions on locations, events, spots to catch — somehow help just seemed to fall into place when we looked for it. Personally, the making of the video is a fitting depiction of what my Goa experience has been — the rather random, but happy coming together of like-minded people.


24 thoughts on “Because I’m Happy

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  3. Oh, I’d missed this post!! I’m so glad you did this. :) Such a happy and fun video. Totally captured the happy spirit. Love the underwater and waterscooter shots. GoPro? And man, can you cartwheel!!!


  4. Me thinks the zumba classes are paying off fabulously!! :)) absolutely love love love the idea and video.. you won me over at the cartwheels!! seriously you can do that..I want to do that too!! Brilliant effort.. congrats all round!!


  5. Just loove the happy happy video. It made the day and reminded me to count the blessings in life. Congrats, Haathi. Simply superb and totally awesome. Whatta perfect way to kick start the day. Sharing on FB and Twitter:)


    1. I know! I actually half abandoned the keeda because I was sure someone had already done a Goa video. But when keeda resurfaced and I realised nobody had made one as yet we really got cracking fast!


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