Christina Yang made me do it

Aside from the obsessive-compulsive tendencies to finish terrible books, simply because I have started reading them, I also have the insufferable tendency to hang on to some terrible TV shows that go on long after their time was actually done. A long time ago, I wrote this — the post in which I talked about show-completion-OCD (What?! It’s really a thing!) and I made gallant claims about how I was hooked for two seasons and struggled through season three, in one go. Clearly, I didn’t know what was coming. Because I’m here, at the end of season ten, wondering what’s it going to take to make this madness stop.

To say the show went off the rails, back on and off again would be an understatement. But for the most part, Grey’s Anatomy has consistently been my guilty pleasure. For the heaps of drama, the cliffhanger season finales, the crazy plot lines, and the accidental wisdom even! The last three seasons or so however, have seen a massive nosedive. I think the success of a show like this is definitely in knowing when to draw the line and say it’s over. This show missed that bus a long, long time ago. Yet, so many of us are still watching, so I suppose there’s something to it. But its not a pleasant sort of watching anymore. Every week I torture myself, with the happenings of yet another episode. I brace myself with multiple eye-rolls, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I just want to gouge an eye out, stick a finger in, scratch my brain and make sure it’s still there and hasn’t turned to stone through the forty five minutes that is every episode.

Every now and then I watch something utterly ludicrous happen, (like that crazy man on the loose in the hospital; like Christina operating on Derek with a gun to her head; like the plane crash; like Sloan suffering, making it for a bit and dying all of a sudden; like Lexie just dying just like that; like Callie randomly turning lesbian for Arizona; like their car accident and the musical episode; like the hospital being bought over; like Webber getting electrocuted; like that flashmob wedding proposal; like that call from the PotUS! Clearly this show has a lot of WTF moments) I think wow, on a scale of 1 to OMGthiscantbehappening, nothing can top this.

And then something does.

The show has probably killed off more people, in way too many creative ways, than any other show ever has; this show has seen enough hook ups and break ups to give The Bold and a Beautiful a run for its money; the show has managed to go from being about Meredith Grey’s to her being sidelined to the fringes and getting dragged around like a ball and chain in a slew of random, disconnected occurrences. They kill every other character off, and the one that hangs around the longest barely has a vital role to play anymore! I suppose they couldn’t put her under a bus, or send her into a plane crash because it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy anymore.

Every time something ridiculous happens, I’m tempted to think it’s probably a good, surprise way end the show. Wishful thinking. Because a few months later, there’s a new season.

Until today, when Christina Yang made an exit. A melo-dramatic, totally wasted episode, but one that probably marks the end of this ordeal for me. I realise despite the high levels of nonsense I have subjected myself to at the hands of this show, despite how much they have scraped the bottom of the barrel to keep the plot going, and despite how much I curse and rant there are a few characters I still like. They’ve grown on me over time and I feel like I stick around and keep watching it to see what will happen to them. So even thought the whole show has done a 180 degree turn, the hospital has changed names twice, three whole sets of new interns have come and gone, more than half the people that were there at the start have been brutally killed, Alex Karev and Christina Yang are still around and they’re still unfurling facets of these characters, without losing the core that made them who they are. While everything else around seem to be falling apart, Alex is still the muddled half-caring-but-too-busy-being-an-ass kind of guy and Christina is still the go-getter who won’t let anything, not even unshakeable love get in the way of what she wants. Easily the best characters for me, as far as this show goes.

For a couple of episodes now, the plot has been paving the way for Christina’s exit. The season finale I watched has her deal with her inability to let go of her life at the hospital until shes finished tying up all the loose ends of all hr relationships with various people. She goes away to Europe to begin a new life. The episode was cheesy, tacky and emo and yet in the scene with Meredith and Christina talking about their friendship and how it’s far from over, and that even moving continents won’t really change what’s at the core of it, I did feel a little twinge in my heart. I guess I am a little emotionally invested in Christina Yang. And despite the warning signs and knowing that it was coming, I’m sad to see her go.

I had a lump in my throat at the cheesiness of this song. Made worse by the fact that it is one of my all time favourite dance-like-nobodys-watching songs.

At the end of season ten, wondering again what it will take make this madness stop, I have my answers. Good characters do. Despite the shitty plot and the lowest of lows the show sank too, a couple of characters kept me coming back for more, even when I knew I really should have just stopped when Izzy snapped that damned LVAD wire!

Ah well, it’s okay. We have our weaknesses.


But, I think I’m done now.


25 thoughts on “Christina Yang made me do it

  1. I saw Season 1 in it’s entirety. After that, I saw some episodes spread across many seasons – usually when my sister was watching it. Looking at how annoyed most fans are with the show, I am glad I didn’t get it!!! Even otherwise, I’m usually very good at ruthlessly cutting off shows once they start going downhill (I’m looking at you, HIMYM)


    1. Omg yes. I gave up on HIMYM at season three or something. Thankfully i havent jumped on the breaking bad, homeland, game of thrones bandwagon. In actually very bored with TV series these days. Need to find a nice new addiction.


        1. Im sure if i gave some of these shows a chance id get hooked. But i havent felt inclined to watch. Im re watchig That 70s Show right now. And its a complete riot! Amazing how re watching something after about 7-8 years makes you see everything so differently!


  2. shweta

    Whaat? There’s more??I thought the show was done after the whole name change happened and Meredith had another baby? I have to watch it now…Despite all the crap, I love the show…


    1. LOTS more from that point on. I think a whole season or two has happened post name change. And there’s two more to come. Groan. I cant say I love the show, but I was stuck in the I-Must-Watch rut, but now Im done. Freeee.


      1. aninsightfulnut

        My flatmates and I would lie in bed, sharing a big summer trifle, and watch entire seasons. Meredith and Yang were our heroes. I stayed strong through Izzie sleeping with George but losing Mcsteamy, Lexie, Richard getting electrocuted and Bailey morphing from the Nazi to an overacting ball of mush was the killer. Havent gone back for more since season 9. Hope I stay strong.


      1. I’m this loyal Grey’s Anatomy addict! Rain or shine, pain or whine, Lexie might die, Sexy Sloan might die, But I continue to sigh, And keep at it I know why.

        PS: Ok I suck at rhyming but you know what I mean :D


        1. HAHAHAHA, dude I was a loyal addict until today, so I get it. Every episode would be punctuated with several LOLwuts and yet I’d patiently wait for a week to pass and watch the next one, quite the same way :P

          But I think Yang was my main draw. Today I felt like bas, abhi ho gaya! Cannot take this anymore :) Maybe I can check with you for updates on crazy levels going forth!


          1. Yes you can :) I follow it online so I watched the season finale last week. I don’t think I’m giving up yet :D Might explain all my long stints in useless relationships! Perseverance, the not-so-good kind :D


                  1. Btw, mango parfait might happen today thanks to waking up to your FB post! Feeding the Irish colleagues some kall dosa and Amma’s lamb pepper curry for dinner. So will finish it off with mango parfait, me thinks!


                    1. Will email with pics tonight :) Mail id pliss. I know MM or Roxy sends us these group mails now and then and have seen your mail id in those. But don’t have those mails now. Hello from obsessive inbox cleaner!


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