Summertime sadness

I’ve been a wreck this summer. It does feel like every passing summer is getting hotter and hotter still. Either the twelve months in between make me forget what summer is really like, or the wretched truth is that it is actually getting warmer by the year. Entirely possible given the rate at which the trees are being stripped off and construction sites are sprouting around me. In Panjim at least the reduced green cover, soaring temperatures, and an unnaturally high, oppressive kind of humidity has been palpable this year.

I’ve spent most of summer indoors, which seems like the better bet, but is somehow equally draining. Makes me want to nap at odd hours, not want to cook elaborate meals, wear objectionable clothes and spend time just sitting directly under a fan or right in front of the blast of the air-con. Entire meals are being made from all things liquid, buttermilk, watermelon juice, mango milkshake. Doing anything around the house is doubly hard and procrastination has become my middle name. I begin each day by obsessively checking the weather app and scrolling frantically to see if there’s a hint of rain to give us some respite. Let’s just say I’m ready to say goodbye to this summer.

Last week when I landed in Goa and called home, I was surprised to be greeted by an irritable VC. It doesn’t happen often, so I knew something was up. A long cab ride back home, I walked in to the house, climbing up the stairs I felt the hot air cling around me, tighten its grip and immediatly felt bullets of sweat squeeze out of the surface of my skin. I knew at once, the heat was probably driving VC crazy. And I was right, so I dumped my luggage, quickly freshened up and we left soon after to catch dinner. Our criteria to pick a restaurant: air-conditioning.

There were were VC, at the Chinese restaurant, downing our suimai when I saw a group of people walk in, drenched to the bone. It didn’t make sense, and I couldn’t see what was happening outside, but it looked like there had been some rain. Lots of it.Serious attempts were made to conceal my excitement and relief.

By the time we finished and got out, we were in the thick of the downpour.


Let’s just say I’m ready to say goodbye to this summertime misery. Sure, a few months into the rain there will be a different kind of misery. Wrapped in mildew and mustiness, and I will be back ranting about it.

Is it just me or has anybody else felt like this year the summer has pushed all previously held benchmarks of tropical misery? It’s been downright horrid for me, and I am ready to welcome a splash of monsoon, which will hopefully come at us with a crash and a bang, cool temperatures, settle the dust, bring back lush life into the dreary expanses of dry-land around me and hopefully renew the enthusiasm to be up and about again. I’m ready for that kind of rain-soaked misery. Anything to get on and out of this misery now.


9 thoughts on “Summertime sadness

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  2. It *is* getting warmer each year. My ambitious career goals have bitten the dust. Now all I want is a job that will allow me to live in the hills or in a country with cooler climes during summer, and in the city in India during winter.

    Since I’ve grown up by the seaside, I can handle humid weather quite well. Atleast there’s cool air coming down when I turn on the fan. I simply cannot deal with the dry heat of Delhi/Hyderabad. I feel like I’m trapped in a giant oven and there’s no escape. I don’t have an appetite. I can barely step outdoors. It’s like hell on earth.

    Till about two weeks ago, the weather in Delhi has been surprisingly pleasant so we’ve been making the most of it by doing outdoorsy things. But it’s definitely heating up (and how!) so I’m going to have to start thinking of interesting indoor excursions in the city.

    Atleast you have just a few more days to go before the blessed monsoon hits you. I have to deal with this godforsaken heat for a couple of months more. Gah!!


  3. Bindu

    First time commenting here, though i’ve read your posts now and then !!
    Live in Illionois and the winter this season was very very unkind!! Kind of like Queen Elsa set off an eternal winter or something. Seeing the first rays of sun from the past few days and aint complaing sistah!!! Though i do undertand what you guys are going through. We are not in that stage yet;)


  4. Mumbai summer has also been ruthless so to say…I have to literally sit under the fan to stop myself from sweating and its getting to much for me to handle now….Sleeping at odd hours – I’m with you on that…Rainy season is another pain here where the trains are delayed and even terminated due to flooded tracks, so I hate rainy season with the same passion…What I am truly waiting for is winter….:)


    1. Goan monsoon is not very different from Mumbai, so I hear your pain. I love it though, because everyhtign gets very green and lush and until the mildew and mugginess catches up, I like to enjoy the cool weather a little. SO refreshing after the wretched summer.


  5. This summer has been miserable. It rains off and on, but it only seems to make the weather hotter.

    The funny thing is the winters are getting colder here in Bangalore, so it’s veering towards extremes here.


    1. We’re definitely veering towards extremes, and I think that itself is an imbalance.. Its pretty scary to watch it change right before your eyes. Goa is known to be hot in summer, but I know im not alone when I say this year its been off the charts! Unnaturally so.


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