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Is today the day of  stumbling on good stuff on the interwebz? Because its been just a little while since I turned my laptop on to and I’ve already been distracted by a bunch of webby stuff. Happily so. For a change it’s not some Pro-Modi nonsense that makes my BP shoot up instantly, (actually there is still a lot of that happening on my fb and twitter timelines, I’m just getting better at fine-tuning my already pruned feeds), but some good stuff that made me smile.

First, this. My gosh, it’s refreshing to have someone air this view. The notion that ambition is an ever changing thing. In a time when working moms and corporate go-getter women are being touted as being the benchmarks for successful women, I some times feel like those of us who have chosen to scale down not just our lives and what we want of it, but also our personal idea of what ambition or success is, need to remember that this too is perfectly alright. The last two paragraphs really resonated with me because my life has seen a similar deliberate slowing down. Except that the life change that is having a daughter in the writers case, is quitting a full time job in my case. Wholly different things, no doubt, but it has brought about a similar deceleration in ambition, work and thereby success. It also means I find satisfaction in different things now, than I did a few years ago and that further changes what I feel ambitious about. And while I haven’t networked nearly enough for someone in my kind of work scene, after some years of fretting, I’ve realised that that too is because my designation is Writer and not Business Developer or some such. I’ve realised what I’m good at and I’d rather stick to it, even if it means my income is only just about enough. As long as I can live the basic life I want, I’m happy.

Then, this. Lots of pros and cons have been shared all over the place. We’re a country that loves hate and outrage. What would we do without the media-generated dartboards to aim all our vitriol at? Endless whatsapp conversations with amma and another friend (probably the only two people who honestly share my opinion on the matter) have made me slowly see what mistakes the new kids on the blocks have made and could have avoided, and see more claerly their honest, brazen openness. AND the fact that they don’t have criminal backgrounds. That ought to count for something, I think.

It’s a good way to begin the day when someone sent me THIS! News about the Goa Happy video we made was picked up by the local newspapers, because it crossed well over 8,000 hits in just 2-3 days after it went live. We’ve inched well beyond 11,000 views as of today and this clipping sent to me by a friend really made me grin.

I look forward to every new episode of Newslaundry’s Clothesline because it always hits the nail on the head, bashing everybody up equally. And doing it in a way that gives me a good laugh. This episode didn’t disappoint either.

The sister shared this with me, in relation to something else altogether, but it made me pause and smile. Pinterest does this all the time. Puts out the messages that I most need to see, exactly when I need to see them. I’ve been a little troubled by some things lately, and while I do spend some time thinking about it, airing my views and the like I realise that at the end of the day, people’s actions speak a lot louder than their words and I must remember to just watch, learn and move on.


5 thoughts on “Stuff off the webz

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  2. akshay

    yeah i read that let’s-all-hate as well.i don’t know what’s going on with these idiots and the hatin’. 70 years of being raped by nepotistic crooks is ok, but the minute you have someone honest (albeit a bit enthu cutlet-like) everyone is all up in arms. funnily, kejriwal hasn’t broken a single law so far.


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