Slow Sundays

Sunday. It’s the only day that begins without the alarm ringing frantically. His on his side of the bed, mine on my side. Strategically uncoordinated, just so we can hit snooze and create a medley of cacophony for approximately twenty five minutes before we kick ourselves out of bed and begin the dash to get into the proceedings of the day. Sundays are the one day that I let myself sleep in. I’m a complete morning person, and even though sleeping in in my books means that I am up and pottering about the house at 8 instead of 6.30, I savour those extra 80-90 minutes, sans the ringing alarm and repeated snooze routine to the max. I wake up feeling extra rested and even if there’s a slow, lazy Sunday ahead, I feel ready to face the day.

Summer Sundays have been extra slow, with me waking up hot-headed and just not wanting to face the day. So when the otherwise totally beat-from-the-week-VC woke up super early, brought me chai in bed just as I was surfacing and gently suggested we make our next food-video, all the slowness of Sunday flew out of the window. Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling too enthusiastic. That’s been the general theme of summer. Zero enthusiasm. The hottest of hot days (that I thought was last Monday) happened to be this past Sunday, and in my mind, I had planned to order-in some greasy Chinese, chug back a few beers and binge-watch my latest re-addiction at least six hours of the day. I was all set to have that kind of weekend, of just vegging out and doing absolutely nothing. I was also slightly beat from a saturday of baking (four orders!) and hungover from the shenanigans of a friends 30th birthday party the previous night. But. The rare opportunity when VC volunteers to pitch in to help me make a video for my blog is not one to be passed up so easily. So without giving it too much thought, for fear of changing my mind (or his), I agreed. We picked a simple recipe — a basic chicken curry gravy I recently learned from my grandmother on a trip back to Bangalore. She told me this is my grandfather’s recipe and filled me in on an anecdote or two about how she came from a vegetarian home, but my grand father taught her how to cook meat. I was fascinated by the story as much as the recipe and had filed it away as a must-make, on my phone. I am a sucker for this kind of homely, simple curry which uses a handful of spices, ground down to make the base. In this case, it is with coconut. There are almost no additional masala powders that go in after that! We swapped the chicken for eggs because I didn’t want to rush off to the supermarket to buy anything. And that’s how we ensured that there was no slip between thought and action, and we got right to it.

I made lunch, while VC filmed it, teaching himself some video techniques and iMovie on the go. Lens whacking he tells me is the new in thing. I nod along, disinterestedly. My interest in anything apart from the things I really care about is always cursory. I go wide-eyed for a couple of minutes, peek into the youtube video he is looking at totally intently and wonder what sort of DNA makes him go headlong into everything like his life depends on it. If I were making the film by myself, I’d probably just film it and be done with it. Or not film anything at all — which explains why these videos are so few and far between. But when he gets involved, there’s always a plan. And he will go to any lengths to make that plan work as best as possible. At one point, he climbed out the kitchen window and perched himself on the parapet outside, to get the most comfortable angle.


Working with iMovie isn’t the easiest thing around and we had a lot of roadblocks, but we’re figuring it out. Hopefully this enthusiasm won’t fade away before we figure at least some of it out! Learning something new and venturing into brand new territory is always an exciting thing. But its also a lot of work in progress and we’ve got lots of learning to do. I’m attributing the slightly dodgy video quality to his self-taught skills. But when there’s a fabulous meal at the end of it and a Sunday well spent — yet another one in the Sunday series that has taken a very, very, very long break in recent times — I really can’t complain.

Satiated, rubbing my belly and looking over VC’s shoulder as he painstakingly edited the film, I realised this is what a good Sunday is to me. It’s been a very long time since VC has been home. Not just physically, but his presence, all here, in the present, has been hard to come by. His busy stint has been prolonged and most weekends he’s either at the office, and even if he isn’t he’s working at home, or mentally checked out from anything remotely domestic, or apart from his work. What little free time he has he dedicates to cycling his heart out and I’m glad he has a new found love to bust his pent up energy with, de-clutter his mind and just ride out whenever he wishes. If video-making can be another such hobby, I’ll be even happier.

Everybody needs a break, and God knows VC has needed a day off like this for a long time now. I’ve been noticing it in his preoccupied eyes and his constantly mumbling in his sleep state of mind. All signs of a mind with too much going on, so it was good to just give in and soak it up, for who know how short-lived this bliss might be?


Coincidentally, the weather turned post lunch and we had rain in the evening. A series of dinners eaten out (yes I’ve undone all the goodness of going months without eating out at the hands of the last few weeks of summer) were trumped by a Sunday indoors — the first in a long time. A Sunday evening in the company of beer, VC clickety-clacking away at the video, the clamour of the downpour outside and one of my favourite Bonobo tracks (also used in the video) playing on loop.



Curtains swished in the breeze that has suddenly become so strong and seems to be flowing right through my house, and I watched it all feeling peaceful in a way that I haven’t in a long time. It’s a different kind of peace to realise you’re completely in the present and just happy with everything the way it is, even in its imperfect simplicity. I felt ever so grateful. For that kind of peace. For the turn in weather, the summer receding and the monsoons heading our way. For the return of some energy to cook us dinner again. For neighbours who cheer me up with gifts of money-plants to put in my home. For technology and for being able to learn things on the internet. For friends who incessantly chatter on whatsapp and make me chuckle all to myself. For a husband who pulls me out of every lull that I have might have found myself in. For his company that always makes staying home the better option. For slow Sundays that surprise me.

Ooh, almost forgot! Here’s the video:


15 thoughts on “Slow Sundays

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  2. mostlymisfit

    I LOVE your kitchen window. It’s so big and comfy looking. Must be fun cooking with the window open, watching the rain. :)


    1. I love it too. I fell for it instantly and picked the house all on the basis of the window. Haste makes waste though, sadly it isnt as charming as it looks. I can never have both windows opened out fully as it gets too windy to cook. When one is open its a relief, but I can only do that in the summer. The monsoon is here, and hits us in exactly the direction the kitchen faces which means I have to cook with windows shut. Also I dont have an exhaust fan. CHOKE!

      It does make for a good vantage point to shoot videos though :P


      1. mostlymisfit

        Oh no!!! Just when you think that’s an ideal window. Although, it’s still a comfort just knowing that you can open if when you are not cooking, and when it’s not raining. :)

        I can totally understand picking a house based on a single window though. I would totally pick it myself. I would be too impressed to think of the future situations like rains, winds and stuff. :D


  3. Now that is a sunday well spent..for sure.. weather.. food.. beer. And people you care for.. what more can one want..

    The pictures are good and the last but one is really beautiful .. nature ar its best had I been in my city we would have gone uphill for a ride ..

    Thank you for the video ..

    I also work for a software house but all this imovie ..etc etc are new to me never heard ..oh man god knows what era I live in..


    1. iMovie is the default Apple software to make home movies. Supposedly very easy to use and self explanatory, but that also means its very basic and doesnt allow any deeper level of editing to be done :)


    1. Its all on imovie. I actually hate the text showing up bang in the centre, and hate hate the black outline around the words, but havent been able to figure out how to alter it. imovie is quite silly, that way.

      Where VC is involved, there is always beer involved :)


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