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I have news: I’m done moping about the summer!

The rain is here. It came with a crash, a bang and tons of rain on week one, and has petered into sporadic showers again for the last couple of days. But even so, the weather has cooled off a fair bit and life is slowly creeping back inside of me. Enthusiasm to do more than just survive, keep my head up and get through the day is inching on by the day. I’m back to cooking one, if not two meals a day. I’ve been socialising a fair bit, and we even entertained friends at home last week! Work on the Indian Food Blogger Meet has been in full swing, its keeping me on my toes, literally and figuratively. And when the day is done, I’m back to feeling like a good nights rest will do just fine, as opposed to wanting to just curl up and hope that morning never comes.

I’ve also been blogging a wee bit more frequently again. The hugsband and I made three new foodeos, one of which you’ve already seen here. The second one is in edit, should be up tomorrow! And we have a third one shot and waiting to be processed. As you can see, normal programming has resumed.

I started writing a new series over on the food blog earlier this month. It’s called Link Love — where I share either a food-related link that I have loved, or I link up a bunch of things related to the food-love of the week. It started as a way to get my blogging mojo back, and to keep the food blog from dying, in the absence of any actual cooking happening, but its been a good way to bookmark some of my most favourite food finds. So here’s a round-up of all the link-loving that I’ve been up to. (click on the images to see the posts)

It started with Chocolate Souffle, but really this post is filled with lowe for Anand's blog.
It started with Chocolate Souffle, but really this post is filled with louuwe for Anand’s blog.
Video-loving with one of my favourite youtube playlists.
Video-loving with one of my favourite youtube playlists.
In which I tell you I didn't love Chef (the movie) but I tell you how much I love Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.
In which I tell you I didn’t love Chef (the movie) but I tell you how much I love Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.

Thanks to Link Love I can now justify my endless food blog-hopping and put all that trawling to good use. And now all my favourite links aren’t buried in heaps of bookmarks, but are nicely sorted and tagged on the blog. The next time I need something, I know just where to look. The other advantage has been the sudden regularity with posting on Hungry & Excited. Link Love has ensured, at least for the last three weeks, that I come back and post something at least once a week. Having a target to work at every week has made me think about what I want to share, come back and act on it. Quite unlike with the piles of unedited drafts, incomplete photo edits and unfinished blog post drafts lying around.

Speaking of unfinished business, yesterday the hugsband and I took off and went to a beach restaurant early enough to catch the sunset. It was a rain-free day, there was a lovely breeze and it was too good an evening to waste sitting indoors. So we lugged our laptops along, with the express intention to finish up on forgotten work. There’s nothing like kicking back, propping your feet on a deck chair, listening to the waves crashing repeatedly, as you zone in and work. Sitting there, without even talking to each other, sipping G&Ts VC finished up the foodeo, while I literally banged out four posts, some as old as December 2013! To think, all it took to unblock about 6 months of a bloggers block was a beach, sun-set, peace and a G&T. I think I might be getting out of the procrastination rut, and maybe more frequent trips to the beach are in order. I’m going to try and keep up the tempo now and gradually post all the newly finished posts over the next few weeks. Until then there’s always Link Love.


11 thoughts on “Link loving

  1. So one of the ‘projects’ in Gretchen Rubin’s book Happiness Project was ‘Tackle a nagging task’. I love how getting over a procrastination rut gives you this sudden burst of joy. I cant wait to see those new food videos. It rained buckets here too in the weekend and PK and I found ourselves umbrella-less in the middle of unrelenting rain. We had got this bowl from Target so he decided he would put the plastic bag on his head and I would put the bowl on mine. The doorman laughed for a good 3-4 minutes before letting us in. A good story to kick us in the butt and never let us forget an umbrella when we leave home.


    1. Hahaha you remembered my umbrella hunt day :P I finally found some sturdy ones for us this year. Im so tired of needing a brand new umbrella every month of every monsoon because nobody makes them sturdy enough to withstand the rain anymore!

      I had a mental image of you with a bowl on your head, and PK with a bag on his head :D nothing like being laughed at to remember what to do right the next time you step out in rainy weather!


      1. You bet man .. It wasn’t a discrete looking bowl even .. A gigantic bright orange salad bowl ..

        You should try popy umbrella .. It’s a mallu brand but mine has lasted through the Chicago rains which means something because the winds snap up umbrellas in a minute


        1. I had a much loved popy koda man, but someone used it and left it behind in a restaurant or something and walked off.. now i have to find a mallu friend to go home and bring me back one..


  2. Does this mean we will get to see another jig at the end of the foodeo? *hint*

    I am waiting for rains to start here so that I can start an egg and paneer pakoda binge


    1. Hint taken. Go check your email :)
      I usually dont binge on pakoras, something about a wok of hot oil turns me off.. but I oblige VC’s sindhi need for fried stuff once in a while, and the foodeo was inspired by him.


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