Coming back to life

Stuffy, hot, listless days have finally made way for rain-soaked, lusciously wet days. The air has cleared. The clouds hang low, pregnant, weighed down by vapour that has just turned to water, waiting to return to the earth an complete the circle of life. Clouds burst at the slightest opportunity. The wind is back, and how! The air is clean, and I want to puff my chest out and swallow it up in big gulps. There have been walks in the neighbourhood and I’m venturing out without reason again!

Monsoon 2014, day 4. Drenched and how.
Monsoon 2014, day 4. Drenched and how.

Summer went by tediously slow, and even more so because I didn’t get much done at all. The days dragged on, like painfully reminding me that the monsoon looked to be delayed. I spent large parts of it unhappy, unable to focus on anything constructive and I’ve paid the price for my tremendous sloth. All my deadlines have been missed and lie neglected, waiting to be picked up again, as I slowly chugged through day after day. Some of them desperately need resuscitation, some may never see the light of day now that the moment is gone. But a few days of rain is all it has taken to clear out the fuzzy dregs of that lethargy.

Around the corner form my home.
Around the corner form my home.

It’s funny, the coming of dark grey skies, monsoony days and less sunlight actually feels like the cloud of gloom that summer brought has actually lifted. It’s like slowly coming back to life. I’m waking up energetic, the home isn’t stuffy to enter, the kitchen is inviting. I’m cooking again. I’m even blogging a little more than I was, and I’m not shirking work like shirking work is going out of style.

What's a rainy day without some pakodas?
What’s a rainy day without some pakodas?

I have even been getting out of the house a little more than I did through summer. First of all, ribbon-like glossy wet roads, fresh green tree-lined streets are most inviting. And then there’s the sudden way in which traffic is just swept off the roads, everybody stays in and it’s hard to turn down and invitation like that. Get out, turn on the radio loud and just drive.

Just drive.
Just drive.

Sometimes in dead silence too. Because a string of unproductive days requires that. Silence, being alone to just clear my head. Speaking of getting out, there’s been an awful lot of that happening all of a sudden too. Market visits that I had sworn off (I know, would you believe it?!) are luring me back again. We even went cross-country last week to the Mapusa Friday market. And what a jaunt it was!

Onwards to Mapusa.
Onwards to Mapusa.

The produce is fresh again. Part of the reason I was so uninspired to cook through summer was the veggies bore the worst brunt of the weather. Dried up, wilted, half-dead veggies and fruit wherever I looked. It was only the mangoes and some fresh fruit that kept me going. That and copious amounts of ice cream and falooda. Sometimes mangoes, ice-cream and falooda all at once too.

Mango, much?
Mango, much?
Getting a fishy fix before the monsoon fishing ban comes on.
Getting a fishy fix before the monsoon fishing ban comes on.

The madness of summer has cleared. I say madness, because summer really consumed and drained me this year. My routine was out of whack, I loathed cooking, I didn’t write very much, I was crabby, lethargic and altogether unhappy. And when I wasn’t suffering, I was busy talking about it, obsessing over it and making myself feel much worse. But for now, I’m going to drag my beanbag out in the balcony, taste a bit of the rain coming down and enjoy it while it lasts. Because at the rate we’re going, I think there’s a lot more where this El Nino thing is  coming from.

Soft evening light makes me so happy.
Soft evening light makes me so happy.

And for those of you rolling your eyes at my customary gushing-at-the-rain post, did you think I’d let it pass without some love?! Did you really think I wouldn’t go up in raptures as I do every year? Also, brace yourselves because there’s a lot more rain-love from where this is coming from. The rain has made me get up, get out and get a life all over again.

Ending the wettest week so far by the sea.
Ending the wettest week so far by the sea.



23 thoughts on “Coming back to life

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  2. J

    this post with all its rain-in-India and Goa pictures is washing a strongggg wave of homesickness over me! Rain in India with its pakode and mitti ki khushbu and small kids making paper boats (okay maybe kids don’t do that anymore) is irreplaceable! *sigh*

  3. Hi revathi….
    I have been a lurker on your blog for some time. It was your other blog that i found while searching for few bread recipies on the internet. Staying in punjab and bearing hotttt summer days really made me envious of you as i read this beautiful post of yours…have fun and enjoy…

    Btw gulgule are deep fried dumplings made by aata , jaggery and few saunf seeds. These are best enjoyed in punjab in rainy season…. And they are just just plainn, rustic but soooo yummy.

  4. yeah.. it is always so freash when it has just stopped raining even the sky is clear ..

    but here where i am toooo much rain.. rain rain go awayyyyyy

    my nani use to make gulgule , not sure whats the english word for it .. after rains ..

    1. Thats the second time youve wished the rain away on my blog.. No idea where you live, but Im assuming its a perennially rainy place. Poor you, that cant be fun. I always wonder, if I were to live in the west and have severe winters or England with perpetual rain, I dont think Id love it as much..

      What is gulgule? Must go look it up!

      1. Yes I live in sunny englandddddd… so you can imagine my plight..

        It is something sweet you make when it rained brownish in color I have no idea as I said what its callef in english…

  5. I am sorry but you will understand that I like nothing about this post of yours!! :P the rains have just been a tease ..its quite miserable to be honest!

    1. I know! Im hearing from the sister what a sham rain bombay has received so far. Its a little less heavy here today but at least the worst of the heat is over. Im cooking again!

  6. I haven’t even read the post. I just had to look at the pictures, and it made me envious and nostalgic….and eventually depressed because of the crap weather here. Enjoy the monsoons.

    1. Aw. But dude you will have rain soon enough and then winter. A proper winter that I am so jealous of. I miss wearing full sleeved warm clothes and snuggling around and drinking hot chocolate..You will have picnics in parks and rooftop barbecues and so much outdoorsy stuff to do!

    1. Well its the best part of the monsoon. We get torrential rain for 3-4 months which slowly turns to be a pain. It means piles of undried laundry, mould, mildew, issues getting anywhere without getting wet :P etc etc etc.. Hang around the blog long enough and you will hear me crib in August. Its the same cycle every year, so i try to make the most of June/July!

      1. Hahah..I can imagine. I used to miss the monsoons when I lived abroad and I still look forward to it during the first half of the year but start cribbing when we’re few weeks in. Totally get where you’re coming from ;)

  7. mostlymisfit

    Everything looks so beautiful and clean. I feel like dropping my life here and going and settling is a lazy monsoon town.

    1. The months of June/July really keep me going thru the rest of the hot stuffy year. It really does get gorgeous and if I teach myself to look on the bright side and ignore the painful side of the monsoons (which will soon creep up on me) then this is near-perfect.

  8. I don’t usually run/jog/walk (cause reasons).. But I feel like walking / cycling just after the rains stop.. It is the clean, fresh, air that just makes go aaaah

    1. Arrey I need to write a post about his cycling keeda. Its there, in my head. Need to write it out. He’s been rather committed so far. I was all prepared to watch the cycle rust sitting ina corner through monsoon, but so far he’s been going cycling in the rain too!

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