Chekkit, men!

The end of July had me heaving a sigh of relief, that August was finally here. I don’t know why I put so much pressure on myself to unwind in August. I chuckle now, but I go back read my posts from July, and immediately I know why so much depended on doing that unwinding right then. So there I was right before IFBM, glued to my computer morning and night, up to my eyeballs in spreadsheets, documents, emails and lists, cut to a few days later in August, when it was done and dusted, and all my hopes of chilling for unending spans of time with no plan in mind. August was meant to be my month off from normal programming. Empty time, with no agenda. Regrouping my work, the home, fixing things and picking up to go.

If you read the last couple of posts, you’ll know it was by no means an empty time, it was time off from all things mundane, because a lot of different stuff happened, but it was also rather busy. And for the most part, I found myself with no time to sit at my computer for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. When I did, I’d find things I wanted to come back and read, blogs I’d want to delve into, people I’d want to stalk on twitter (;)) and what not. So I saved a lot of it in bookmarks to come back to. Some of it went into a folder of things to share on the blog. So here goes.

I’ve been blogging for eight freaking years says Jessica Hagy — someone I love and follow. And now I found her on Medium. Its been about as long for me, and I found myself furiously nodding away at each of the points in this piece. I realise at the heart of it, every bloggers reasons for blogging really just comes down to a bunch of finite possibilities. And Jessica gets a lot of it right in this one. I wanted to write each of them on a post it and stick it up where I can see them in rotation. If you’ve been a blogger long enough, you’ll see what I mean.

I was talking to someone last week about how our generation has experienced a quantum change in the growth of technology. My  first television was a tiny black and white box with no sattellite TV. I got my first computer very late in life, and the Internet was an unweildy phenomenon I couldn’t quite understand. I’ve seen the days of audio cassettes, dialup Internet, burned music on CDs, using CD writers — all while still referring to the World Book Encyclopaedia to hand write my school projects. All of that happened not so long ago, and even then where we are now seems like a huge leap. Apparently we’re going to be the last generation to remember life before the Internet.

Not to clutter your reading lists but R sent me this feminist reading list today and had me all wide-eyed and very interested. My reading list is still bursting at the seams, but this list is tempting. It helps that I’ve already read about 4 books on this one (that’s more than the luck I’ve had with most other lists on the internet!)

I’ve been feeling a little off about my growing intolerance and my inability to stand around and give my time and attention to people and things that don’t deserve it. I’ve become super choosy about where I choose to invest myself, and some part of me wonders if I’m just turning into a cynical, unpleasant person. Just when I was beginning to consider not being the weirdo that I am, S (from The Baker in Disguise), sent me this. Apparently Meryl Streep feels like that a lot. So yes, I feel totally normal now of course haha. You’ve probably seen it already because right after I read it, I saw it pop up all over fb and twitter. If you haven’t, here it is.

I have sometimes wondered about food memories that I have. And I don’t just mean strong associations or pieces of food I’ve tasted in the past. I mean thinking of something and tasting it immediately, or imagining what it might be like, or getting so fixated on tasting something specific, I am unable to rest until I make/eat it. This beautiful, beautiful piece on “imaginary food” is something I’m going to go over again and again. It brings together food, imagination, words and collective thoughts about all things delicious — fantastic.

A friend recently told me about a couple that’s forcing their 9 year old daughter to diet, because they think she’s too fat. Aghast and exasperated doesn’t begin to tell you how the conversation made me feel. Ironically, I read this piece later that night. It echoes so much of what I have learned through my fitness journey — most important of which is that fitness is not an event, its a life-long choice. Which automatically means exercising to fit into a dress, (or a body type, or an image of what you think the 9 year old should look like) is futile. Not to mention problematic.

You know I told you my plants are almost dead? It’s been over a year since I moved to this home and have harboured plans to garden a little bit, grow some basic herbs and veggies — get some green thumb action going. And I have not. Most of it is just lethargy, but there is also the thing about not knowing enough, not knowing where to begin or how to go about not killing everything I touch. This piece seems like a good place to begin, if you’re a newbie. So come end of monsoon, I’m going to try and do some of this in some small measure. Wish me luck!

AND, and, and.. since we’re talking about cool things on the internet worth checking out, here’s our latest foodeo!

VC is churning them out at the speed of light now. I am afraid I won’t be able to keep up. As we speak, two more foodeos are in edit and I’m tres excited to share them with you.

But until then, make do with the one above.

And listen to some music. This was playing in the supermarket some time last week — a track I was mildly obsessed (yes I was kind of into Tu Pac for a bit) with some 8-10 years ago, I was gobsmacked to hear it again, in the supermarket of all places. But old laowes have this way of haunting me from time to time. And it was on loop today.


10 thoughts on “Chekkit, men!

    1. Welcome to this space ranjini :) thanks for stopping to say hi. Strawyberry swing is one of my favourite songs too! I hope the videos make you want to watch some more, eat and maybe occasionally cook a little something too.


      1. Ha. The first time I commented, it just disappeared. And now there are two!! and you must think I’m a stalker! Anyhow. I don’t know about cooking but I’ll come back to enjoy the music in your videos if the same trend continues :-)


  1. First time here. You have such a beautiful blog :-) and can I say that is one of my all time favorite songs, strawberry swing!! I don’t like cooking, but that video of yours is rad!


  2. ash

    Meryl Streep has had will continue to have a long career , she is a master of accents , won and has been nominated for so many academy awards , has raised 3 kids ..tough work all of them…very challenging .She has a life with no time to spare .
    Hollywood is challenging ,many have given up and left but she has triumphed .

    All her kids are not in the news for the wrong reasons so she has done a good job, so along the way it shaped her character too.
    So I understand her statement with regards to people.

    Do you feel you are justified for your ‘growing intolerance’…in the same way as her …do you feel you are in the same league ..face so many pressures , c’mon :-),kidding right?


    1. Not kidding. Clearly context is lost on you. Losing patience with peoples attitudes is really not a right belonging exclusively to accomplished actors. Im a thinking, feeling human being with opinions and independent beliefs.

      I suppose you have never read one of those inspirational quotes by someone famous, and identified with it — because only famous accomplished people have opinions. Right?

      I mean look at you! You continue to come here and talk disjointed meaningless stuff. And I entertain you, but im definitely entitled to being very intolerant towards doing it in future. I have no patience for mindless bumbling trolls like you. This is to let you know that you have extended your welcome in this space. You have the right to never come back here and yet you choose to come, spew inane rubbish and expect a rebuttal. I dont owe you one.

      No further comments from you will be published or entertained here. They will find their way into my trash folder, where they belong.


  3. I use to have a computer which was booted with TWO discs.. insert disk A and then insert disk B :) and wrote my first ever code in DBASE … many have not even heard about it :) and then came Cobol :)

    and definitely right on fitness being a Life time work and it becomes a way of life .. no wonder I can never diet , because just imagining something about food makes me droool and i cant help it but go and have it ..

    and talking of fitness and then i see the video of making kheer and adding all that fried nuts in it .. Now tell me how am i supposed to stay fit after eating all that :) and NO you cant say not to have it to me … he he he he

    so when you going to put the other two :)


  4. THere are two more foodeos after kheer? I thought there was only one. *grins in anticipation*

    The lady does GET it.. .There are people whom I haven’t met in person, or met online first, who GET me.. And you did write about that in one of the previous posts, about people how get you :)
    Which plants do you have in the garden?


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