The rain, the rain

I have a lot of thoughts and mixed feelings about the rain right now. I’m vacillating between loving it and hating it. Mostly because unlike the torrential rain I’m used (and have come to expect at this time of year) the season has segued into a clever game of  hide and seek. The weather’s playing. And we’re playing along with it.

One moment its bright and sunshiney. Sweeping, cloud-streak skies like you could get out and have a picnic.


And just in case you consider that thought a little to seriously, it swings over to the dark and gloomy weather one expects when Voldemort makes an appearance.


Like a not-so-subtle reminder that one can ever get used to too many sun-kissed days, and too much sunny, happy weather. That it would just be incomplete with the occasional splash (sometimes bucketful) of rain.

I was out in the street the other day, having promptly left my umbrella behind because you know, it was bright and sunny when I left home. The kind of sunny that makes you want to look out, channel your inner Julie Andrews, paste a toothy grin on your face and exclaim “Oh what a fantastic day it is to be outdoors!”

I proceeded out, larger-than-life sunglasses propped up on my face. Walking to the market when in the a matter of seconds, like a change of scene, with a swish the clouds swam away. There was a loud clap of thunder, a crash and a bang that followed and within minutes a torrential downpour. A telling tale of learning to expect the unexpected. Of never getting too comfortable. Of being ready for change, whenever it springs on you. Of walking in to the rain, like the sun is actually shining bright. And there I was, no umbrella. And with bug-eyed shades on my face.

Hide and seek is on, full swing. After almost 8 days of perpetual raining, this new game is keeping me entertained. Of course there’s piles of undried laundry draped over the stand, always lurking in my study. And there’s that musty mouldy smell that we invariably get accustomed to by August or so. Right about now is when I usually begin to complain about how I’ve had enough. But something about this weird weather year is giving me the feeling we’re getting the best of both — when its sunny, we get a well-times good shower and when the rain hangs around longer than it should, the sun decides to come up again.

This year I’m playing along. Vacillating. But I can’t complain.


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