Head vs heart, want vs need

For the first time in two whole years, I’m utterly jobless. And not just in a manner of speaking. I’m out of work, of the professional kind. It’s an odd place I haven’t been in a long, long time.

Can’t say I didn’t bring this upon myself, because it is the result of part-carefully-thought-out-decision, and part-decision-not-going-to-plan. I’m in a strange state of mind I haven’t been in possibly 4 years now.

Limbo, is one way to look at it, because I’m weighing the options I have, pursuing the ones I think will interest me, and help further my skill in the direction I want to take it. And until things really do move ahead, I feel like this in-between is going to gnaw at me for some time still.

For the first time in what feels like forever, I have empty time. My hands itching to do something, and there is no immediate project at hand. There is a lot of waiting happening, and it has made me very restless. This is a new feeling, this kind of quiet restlessness. I’m not used to being vela like this, and the antsy, somethings-bubbling kind of feeling that lurks not far behind, but never really catching up with me fully.

I find myself going over events in my head, over and over, wondering if I should have done something differently.
I find myself endlessly reading online, in search of an elusive opportunity that might pop up at me suddenly.
I find myself jumping at the sound of every incoming email that chimes in.
I find myself asking if its time for a complete change of streams entirely.
I find myself just waiting. Waiting and waiting for something to happen.
For those I have written to, to respond. For those who said they would let me know, to actually do it. For those who promised me more leads to write to, to send in the information. For something, anything worth my time and effort to come my way.

It’s ironic because when I was gainfully employed, I longed for the freedom this life of freelancing promised. After close to two years of freelancing my heart out, in the midst of a bunch of gigs, some part of me began to knock silently, asking for more. A project bubbling on the back burner forever now, demanded more time. And so after much thought, many weeks of hemming and hawing, I took the plunge and pulled back from all my work. Presumably to focus my energies elsewhere. Now, I am in that sweet spot. Of having nothing and nobody to devote my time to. Nothing, except the projects my heart desires. And some how, I’m running round in circles in my head, waiting and hoping for work to come my way again.

Today, the penny dropped. And I realised I need to step back and evaluate just what it is I am truly after. And why. My heart seems to be in one place, patiently waiting. While my head battles it out elsewhere. Pulling me backwards and forwards at the same time. And somehow, I’m stuck in between. Employment is the obvious answer. Something to occupy my hands, my head and my heart. Something to give meaning to what I’m doing. Work is what I want. But I’m not really sure the form in which I’m seeking it, is what I need.


11 thoughts on “Head vs heart, want vs need

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  3. saritha

    What does your hubby say about it ?Is he okay with whatever you want.
    Nowadays the trend is guys wanting the wife to work ,in fact when I was ready for marriage do you know what the prospective families asked us , if I was working ,if so was in an MNC:-))
    I was working at BPL Telecom as a design engr and that was not a good enough job then..they wanted Wipro/Infy ….
    There are guys who prefer the wife be a home maker ,so what does you hubby like


  4. Not necessarily. I read H and E blog for the stories. Like how I tried out a veggie version of stew after reading about it in a Rohinton Mistry novel. I just knew the names of the ingredients that were tossed in. Or the time I made orange marmalade after a Kalpana Swaminathan thriller. Anyone who has cooked, or loves cooking, knows that it’s not about the correctness of the recipe, rather its soul and how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel better, you could just not call it a “cookbook” !


    1. Yes. Thats just it. Despite being a regular home cook and having a sense about all things kitchen, if I buy a cookbook I have certain expectations of it. Entirely different matter if it were a memoir where the stories come first and the recipes are thrown in for extra measure.

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  5. How about the H&E cookbook? Seriously. A nice hardback..I would pay good money for it.. Your food is good. It is more about the eating experience, and something that lacks in many people’s cooking.


    1. You’re very kind. That is a thought but it’s one thing bumbling along on a food blog and quite another writing a cookbook. It requires a skill I don’t think I have. If I ever write a pure cookbook it will not be without the help of someone trained in the area. With recipes, in a cookbook, you owe it to readers to have it just right and not work with approximations. Know what I mean?


      1. Yes.. because ‘andaaz se’ is different for everyone.. and expectations from a pure cookbook are to have specifics and measured out details..

        But I quite like the way H&E Blog posts are.. How tidbits from life are weaved in along with recipes. :)


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