Things about VC that I never want to forget #15

Things about VC that I never want to forget #15
Pulling off pink with style

One of my earliest memories of the husband, from back when we first met, is one of him walking into work in a pink buttoned-down shirt, crisp grey pants, and being met with a loud sighs and collective swooning on the part of all the men in the room. It was an edit-meet of sorts, if I remember right. A room full of people and immediately VC was at the receiving end of several taunting winks, eyebrows raised in part-mockery part-curiosity, and all the manly-men feeling insecure on the part of men at large, that good lord, here was a man, dressed in pink!


To this day, his wardrobe is incomplete without a couple of shirts in shades of pink/magenta. Most recently, he bought a rather bright pink, even by his standards. An almost cotton-candy coloured shirt and even my eyes popped a little when he returned from his annual office-clothes-shopping-jaunt and pulled it out of his shopping bag.


Earlier this year, we attended a wedding and I went to one of the functions in a bright-as-heck pink churidar and matching dupatta. I love hot pink, but I don’t usually go very matchy-matchy with any of my clothes. Along with the jewelry, shoes, a little make up, I had transformed into something very far from my usual self. VC looked at me with a look of surprise and shock, not saying much. But the face said it all — this was a definite departure from the norm as he knows it.


A few days ago I opened up a new pack of toothbrushes. It was one of those twin-packs meant for couples/families. Predictably, one toothbrush was blue, another magenta *eyeroll*. I really didn’t care which one I’d end up with, even though I hate being lumped with the pink option in anything because of this kind of forced stereotyping. I held the pack out to VC distractedly, while simultaneously going about some chores. He picked one rather thoughtlessly and went away.

A while later, when I decided to actually look, I saw that I was left with the blue one.

It took me right back to that day in the office, when he walked into the room in a pink shirt like he owned it. The same indifference. The same irreverence and thoughtlessness towards what the men in the room thought.


I don’t know if it is the sort of natural confidence that makes VC look like he can pull off almost any attire like he means it, or the fact that he can pull of most things that makes him confident. But what I remember distinctly from that day, is the nonchalance. The effortless dont-give-a-damn-what-any-of-you-think attitude that he carried.

I suspect it had little to do with the colour of his shirt.


This is part 15 of the series I like to call Things About VC I Never Want To Forget. And if you’re curious to see parts 1-14, there’s more where this came from.

18 thoughts on “Things about VC that I never want to forget #15

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  2. It’s all about being comfortable and carrying effortlessly. I have two Pink shirts and love wearing from time to time. Unfortunately, the way we are conditioned, we shy from wearing despite wanting to..many men fr sure would love wearing but but!!


  3. Meera Parameswaran

    Even my hubby loves pink. I was always apprehensive about it and one day he was wearing pink, I didn’t even notice until later. Then I knew it doesn’t matter and that it looks good on him. :) But I am still not sure about men wearing shirts with floral patterns unless they are on a beach!

    and out of context, I use the same bottle at work. :D


  4. R

    So cute! I love men in pink. And your boy looks like such a paapa in that pic. More men in pink, I say! (Did you stop him as he was leaving for work and ask him to pose for you? :) He looks carelessly compliant, if you know what I mean. Something about his stance reminds me of the Brat – is that strange?)


  5. I don’t have any pink shirts simply because I don’t like the colour, but I do have shirts with floral patterns. In fact, I buy the fabric and get the shirts tailored. Whenever I’ve bought the fabric, I’ve been advised against it because it’s a ‘ladies pattern’, but I bought it nevertheless because I liked it. There is no “don’t-give-a-damn-what-any-of-you-think attitude”. It’s more than that! It’s, “I’m buying it because I like it.” Other persons and their thoughts/opinions/comments are not even in my mind!

    Yes, it’s not just about shirts, it applies to everything.


    1. Thats wonderful. I grew up watching my father who dresses in bright colours, wears prints and patterns, floral ones too — assumed this was the norm. Was pretty shocked when I started to see the distinctions later on in life. VC is like you, does what he sees fit in most situations, considering others opinions doesnt even occur to him. In this case though, there was a definite edge of not giving a damn what anybody thought because he was taunted a little for wearing pink ;P


  6. Good lord! My husband ( It is weird, it has been a few months we are married so the word is weird!) gave me a kind of shock when I saw his full wardrobe, Pinky ponky after wedding. I have seen him in baby pink shirts, but more than 2 or 3 shirts/tees , I was shocked! :D


    1. But whaaiiii shocked?! I think pink is a wonderful colour, in general :) I cringe when I see men behave all oh-thats-so-girly, so VC defo got brownie points from my for just doing what he liked, because he liked it.


      1. I was shocked as in my tiny short distance relationship (Deducting long distance tenure!) I saw him in his company uniform most of the times! :D Mechies , we are always black on any colour of clothes :D

        Though my husband is a true No-Gender-Bias-shit person. Be it wearing pink or pulling my cheeks without any humanity or even slamming a big door on my face while entering. I totally love him for that though ;-)


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