And this too shall pass

Some weirdness continues. Someone read the last post and asked me if maybe I needed to take a pregnancy test. It had me laughing out loud, all by myself. Apparently clumsiness, forgetfulness and over-emotional behaviour = possibly pregnant? Maybe so, but what about the power cuts and the cow in my backyard? And the encounter with the weird dude in the coffee shop? Never mind. Don’t answer that, I already know the answer.

On Friday, I finally managed to get myself on a much-overdue and what is turning out to be a jinxed conference call. Once we managed to sync our respective busy schedules and found an hour to spare at a time that was suitable to all the parties involved, I finally got google hangouts to work (yay!) after something like six months. Things were looking up as far as the call was concerned, and yet, somehow  once we were actually dialed in, it took over twenty minutes to just get the call going and have all four members on-board, seamlessly stay on the call being subjected to randomly freezing in an unfortunate position, and eventually dying out on the others who spend more time saying “hello? hello? are you there? can you hear us?” than actually discuss the agenda. Thankfully we all found humor in the situation and decided to proceed with just three people present, in the interest of finishing what we started two months ago! Clearly, its just not a good time for communication and technology, especially if you’re expecting it to aid you in any fashion.

The power has been playing hokey almost every day. The record being four cuts over six hours, a few days ago. I’m beginning to suspect this is scheduled load-shedding that they forgot to schedule. And also conveniently forgot to inform us about. The area around my home is under litigation, which when sorted will make way for a tech park, I’m told. How and when these future tech parks will function when we don’t even go 24 hours without a drop in power, is beyond me.

In an attempt to escape the power-cut induced extreme heat at home, I decided to go out in search of the closest air-conditioned place that would let me sit around for a while. I discovered my car was unlocked, which meant it had been that way all night, for over twelve house. It’s a good thing I don’t hear of too much robbery or breaking-in around these parts. And it’s doubly good that VC wasn’t around when I discovered this.

Broken communication, undependable technology and general forgetfulness aside, the sluggish month that it has turned out to be, continues just as usual. I realise that at the heart of it, this is what has set my system out of whack. After over eighteen months of having a full, full (unplanned) schedule and so many different things always fighting for my time, is weird to not have too many demands to look into. After months of having some work or the other serendipitously land in my lap, it is weird to have to ask for it 9 our of ten times not receive a response. After months of having a hectic social life that I had the privilege of cutting back from, it is weird that the slow life, not by choice, is the default setting. All said and done, it is weird when everything changes so suddenly all at once. Work, life, home, mood-swings, emotions, etc.

Things have slowed down to the point of almost-mundane around here, and while I have spent a large part of this time silently worrying about when the next big opportunity will come my way, or what I ought to be doing to make it happen sooner than later, I realised not everything has been dismal around here. The house is in better shape than it has ever been. My kitchen has never been so well-stocked and actively used. I’m cooking two fresh meals everyday and I’m not bored as yet. My training has definitely benefited from the eating at home, eating well and over-all the husband and I feel much more energetic and healthy. After a lot of fighting inertia, I’m working on an almost-forgotten project again. It’s shaping up well too.

The realisation came like a flash on Friday evening, and almost immediately I began to feel the cloud clear. Maybe this is the retrograde waning? If you’re a skeptic and don’t believe in the ways of the planets, maybe this is just the universe telling me to deal with a little boredom for a change, than to just displace it on to another activity. Maybe this was a much-needed, necessary slowing down to the point of being at my wits end. Maybe this was just a silent call for me to turn to my own inner boss? To quit silencing the voice inside and look for a boss outside to guide me, give me work and pay me for it?

Maybe I just had to see what it was like to really have nothing happening for a while, so I could find new things and ways to be productive. Maybe this was what it takes to make sure I don’t take the bursts of life for granted. Maybe this too shall pass.


9 thoughts on “And this too shall pass

  1. I’ve had someone ask me if I was pregnant too when they saw me being clumsy and forgetful and emotional. Maybe its a real thing. I agree with the comment above that if you expand on theories such as you being possessed it would make for great reading.

    I think its awesome that you make 2 fresh meals a day. I don’t seem to manage that very well at all and it works against my workouts and yoga practice. I salute my mom and aunts who make 3 meals a day – If I had a kid maybe I’d consider it but to do it just for the two of us or sometimes just me is harder than I thought.


    1. Er, please to note its only now that Im managing this with efficiency, since I have so much time on hand. I try and make two meals a day on most days because I enjoy it and my schedule allows for it. Before this lull in work hit me it was one meal a day, with one side-dish of some level of excitement to make eating leftovers exciting hahaha


  2. Dont you feel like punching random person’s face if such random persons ask you about the ‘Good news’? Not even 6 months of my marriage and one random Aunty gave me a lecture on how difficult is to get pregnant and how I should plan from now on. She was on the virtual dart game I play in my mind!


    1. I hear you. But Im way past the annoyance stage these days. Iv been married 6 years, so the “any good news?” questions, hints, unwanted advice is all met with eye rolling and/or laughter. It does not bother me so much anymore.


      1. I hope I come into your ‘state of mind’! I get irritated. May be that is an understatement. I cant even manage my own hyper active nature, of course a kid is next to impossible. :D


  3. Power cuts are a very very bad thing.. and most of the time when power goes off, I am stuck with a low battery :(

    Regarding the last post, experience was creepy. Very.. As far as pregnancy test goes, it just brought something to mind. .Whenever such things happen with guys, people tell to either shrug it off, or take a break.. But increasingly, the go to response when talking to women about it has been to ask if she is pregnant.. or maybe that is the case with the people I have been with.

    Do you have an inverter?


    1. We have an inverter for fans and lights only. No plugs work. So yes, cant charge phone/laptop. Router dies. TV dies. Oven is useless. Haha, you make an interesting comment about being asked if I were pregnant, thankfully it hasnt happened too often with me, to judge. I hope this is not the new way of asking “ANY GOOD NEWSSSS??!”


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