Just happy

Last night, I stumbled out of the gym bursting into a giggle fit that refused to end for the next few hours. Even before the drinking began. How does that happen? Happy without an apparent reason?

It’s a good day when I wake up still happy, with no real reason in sight, as yet.

The sun is shining. The weather is sweet. And no I’m not channeling my inner Bob here, it weeeally is.


And maybe I just need to kickback and bask in it. Just dig in for a change.


Slice of life. A happy slice of life, this.


5 thoughts on “Just happy

  1. I laugh and giggle a lot for no reason all the time. People around me get exasperated. But then I have to admit there are days when I feel low for no reason too.

    Good to read about this happy slice of life of yours. Sure is infectious :)


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