Video killed the blogger in me

Well almost.

Hungry & Excited has been on an unplanned but severely stretched hiatus for way longer than I care to admit. I’ve gone on unintentional, long breaks before, but none so long, and none that have left me with close to no inclination to go back and blog. Even more ironic is that this feeling swept over me like a tidal wave, close on the heels of the Indian Food Bloggers Meet. And yet, I haven’t been able to put a finger on it. This time around, I have just gone with the flow, instead of fighting it or trying too hard to pull myself out of this lull.

It’s not even like I haven’t been inspired to cook. I’ve been cooking as usual, enthusiastically, even. And I have been trying new things, making dessert, having people over etc. But cooking for the blog, pulling out the dusty camera, shooting the cooking, processing pictures, writing posts and publishing them seems like a distant dream. More so when I know I have a pile of unpublished drafts in various stages of glorious, incomplete,  imperfection. With about as much inclination to get down to it, as a hibernating bear that was rudely ask to wake up mid-winter, things have been woefully quiet on the food blog.

It could also be the fact that the hugsband and I went on a mission to overhaul it again. A mission that began in July and was supposed to last 2 weeks, but went on for 4 months. And even now, though its live, is still terribly incomplete. There are upper-case-lower-case issues to sort out, featured images to be painfully added to every post, page titles to be finalised, incomplete drafts to be pruned and published, etc etc etc.

To add to it all, I’m feeling bone lazy. A little laziness towards blogging has changed to full-blown inertia and the inability to move.

But the one thing that hasn’t stopped is the videos. In fact the hugsband has been very proactive on weekends, egging me on to make this and that, planning video-worthy things to cook and coaxing me to prep so he can make the most of his free time on Sundays. And it’s how we’ve managed to churn out quite a few videos in the last few months of silence. The words might be on a break, and the recipes are slow to come, but the food hasn’t stopped and the documentation just got better, and a lot more fun.

Video might very well have nearly killed the foodblogger in me. And believe me, with the kind of stuff I see going around in this space, I’m happy to be a little inactive. Detaching myself has inadvertently turned up the fun quotient, like it always does when we stop getting so serious about what we do, lighten up and remind ourselves why we started blogging abut food to begin with — because its fun, and its easy to share it.

On that note, I’m sharing two videos VC made recently, which somehow I have forgotten to post here!

First, this really simple eggless, yellow cake that uses custard mix out a box, rather than the one-too-many egg yolks that usually contributes to this classic cake’s yellowness. Be warned, it is seriously buttery, but really yummy. Best had warm, straight out of the oven and polished off within a few hours of making it.

And then, these classic Goan mince meat cutlets. The recipe is an adaptation, but its very similar in flavour to the legendary beef croquettes that are synonymous with Goan 7 pm hunger pangs. I used beef mince for the making of the video, but have used chicken in the past with success. My sister has used mutton mince and said it was really tasty, so I imagine it would work with any strong meat which can be bound together with the potato and egg that goes into it. Fish/crab might be a bit of a stretch. Either way its the perfect snack for a couple of cold beers. Or can also be turned into a meal with bread/burger buns and some veggies to go with it.

Yesterday we finished shooting an utterly simple, but flavourful chicken pulao I learned from my mother in law when they visited us in September and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. In the mean time do me a favour and don’t step over to the food blog, it needs a lot of fixing, and I’m on it. Bear with me as I try and battle the inertia and update things and pretty it up. Stay with me on facebook until then, its where the updates tend to flow, albeit much less frequently these days.

Maybe saying video killed the blogger in me, is a stretch. I don’t think I can give up blogging any time soon, I don’t even think I can say I no longer want to write a conventional recipe post. But this change has been good for me. And when this sort of change brings out a previously unexplored idea, it can only be a welcome one, no?


14 thoughts on “Video killed the blogger in me

  1. Ok, I love love the vintage feel of the yellow cake! So inspired that I may actually fire up the oven tonight and try it :)

    On the side, I found the way you made beef mince so different from the way a lot of catholics I know (church, school, mi familia etc) do. For one, we skip chilli powder completely and douse the damn thing with corriander powder and pepper powder. We only use either the garam masala or whole spices, not both :)

    Off course, that is totally irrelevant, so good those videos! You need to start getting out there! I think you have an amazingly niche space here since a lot of us in the Indian set up try to emulate recipes of which ingredients are either expensive or not available or the size of our ovens (pitiful), the size of the ingredients too (like chickens elsewhere are gigantic!). By using say Indian stuff, you can reach a huge audience.


    1. Oh this is interesting. Im going to skip the chilli powder and go the dhaniya powder way next time. And yes, youre right, I think everybody has their way of making cutlets. I learnt this from my neighbour who is Anglo/Goan, and even her recipe is an adaptation I think.

      What is getting out there! I am on the internet, thats pretty out there no :D Please feel free to share and have more people see the videos. Shukriya, for the lovely suggestions, and also the vote of confidence in the videos being niche :)


    2. And about the yellow cake, I have to say (and Im going to put this down in the recipe whenever I get down to posting it!) it didnt taste as yummy the next day, mainly because it dried out. Its eggless, and best consumed same day when still warm.


  2. You should really spread the word about these videos to get more and more people to watch’em, if you haven’t already that is. They are top notch, the very best recipe videos I’ve seen. And what’s funny is that I don’t even cook that much, yet I watch them. Good stuff, miss.


    1. I’ve only shared them on fb and here. Not sure how many people that reaches :) And thanks for the very generous praise, the husband will be very happy to see this — he’s using these foodeos as assignments to teach himself filming and editing techiques.


    1. Actually the lull in food blogging has seen me blog here more willingly, without much effort, and far more frequently than I have in a while. Its foodblogging in India — Im not entirely pleased to call myself a food blogger anymore, given the company Im in, and some things that have been happening. Makes me cringe a bit to be categorised with the lot. And I think thats the underlying reason why I’ve been just turned off..


    1. Hahaha. Only until VC obliges to lend his skills. This is frankly too easy for me. And suits my current lazy streak perfectly. I just have to cook as I would on any given Sunday. And he does the rest. But i fully expect him to get bored/tired one day. And then what!


        1. OMG you wont believe it. We were going thru some of the footage on Sunday and the thing is VC just keeps shooting even without warning me and others who may be in the kitchen, so he has a lot of candid stuff that is unplanned (unlike the cooking, which is pretty organised and planned for the shoot) and I told him he must do a BTS or a bloopers cut of the best fun footage sometime soon! Maybe I will get him to do this soon.


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