December love

It’s creeping up on me slowly. I know it because the sun is lazy to rise. The morning light, lazier still. The sky remains shrouded in a veil of grey, slowly, unwillingly giving in to the blot of sunshine that begins to blooms over the window behind me.

The light in my room is usually my wake up call. But these days, the alarm goes off before the room is bright enough. It’s harder getting out of bed. Near impossible disentangling myself from under the hug of a riot of limbs and blanket. I tug at the covers harder still, creeping my fingers out ever so slightly, just enough to hit snooze yet again.

I see it creeping on me slowly, when I open up the balcony doors and the nip in the air stings me for a moment. The gooseflesh shows up instantly, telling me the temperatures are dropping. And the hair on my legs wakes up in agreement.

I know it is slowly creeping up on me, when I wake up to shuffling beside me and without quite opening my eyes I’m begging VC to stay. “It’s cold outside,” I say. But he won’t listen, slipping away from me, up and about, into his cycling gear and off he goes while it’s still dark out.

This morning, I saw it. Dew, dressing the leaves in my balcony pots. Cool, fresh, resting like petite strings of tears on a baby cheek. I hold myself back from rustling it, brushing the dew off. I watch, wrapping my palms around the mug of chai in my hands.

It happens so rarely, for such a short while every year. Delicate white swathes of mist sweep through the street outside. Plumes of feathery mist hang over the fields. A dull wetness envelopes my laundry that’s hung out to dry. Everything bears a gossamer look, for a brief time in the morning.

Like the gentleness of lips brushing against lips, like a cold nose touching a hot cheek. Our version of winter, it’s creeping up on me ever so sexily. Not quite like the vivacious party guest who arrives with a crash and a bang and sweeps you off with a big-armed embrace. But like the quiet love of your life, who slips in unannounced and sneaks up on you with a welcome rub in the small of your back.

Winter sunsets with wispy clouds that float by faster than you can see them.
Winter sunsets with wispy, soap bubble clouds.

12 thoughts on “December love

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  2. R

    Woww, Re! This is such beautiful, delicious writing. And I sort of know what you mean. When you are so used to the humidity and the constant bead of sweat on your forehead and when the AC never really stops running, this slow yet unexpected change in the weather is just all kinds of lovely. I am thoroughly enjoying the weather here in Madras and I am wondering if it is extra- glorious this year or if I just haven’t noticed it in the past years. I suspect it is the former.


    1. Ouuf delicious and all — *blushing*
      I bitched about the weather just last week and suddenly it turned gently lovely, Ive been basking in it ever since No need for fans in the morning, is SUCH a pleasure :)


  3. Sigh, the commitment he has to cycling.. Here, I wake up early and set the water to get hot, and sometimes fall back asleep..because it is just so comfortable under the comforter..

    And the pictures of the evening sky you’ve been sharing these days.. such beauty


    1. Im grabbing at the last of it. Oct and Nov are usually good sky/sunset months. Now we will have flat lifeless, cloudless skies till March :-/

      And VC commitment has only resurfaced this week. Broken part on the bike and too much work kept him away for almost 2 months.


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