Skies that blush

We made our way to Galle Face, quite unsure of what to expect. A scene of picnicing families bouncing around, playing ball, flying kites welcomed us. 

Okay, this is Colombo’s version of Miramar I said to VC immediately. But it was pretty nonetheless. 

Food hawkers selling prawn vadas, fried crabs and cotton candy lined the shorefront. A bubblemaker ran his ping-pong-ball-racket-sized ring through a wide dish full of soapy water. Waving his arms in giant arcs through the air, he created massive, wispy rainbow tinged bubbles into the sky. Setting them free like pretty butterflies kissing the sky. Several families flew kites the size of large birds. Kites as pretty as large birds too. There were the usual share of lovey-dovey couples indulging in the requisite amount if PDA that is expected of any sea-facing piece of land.

It seems so normal to have smoochy couples lost to the world, eyes locked, fingers running through eachothers hair, so totally unperturbed by the cackle of picnicing families, squawky children running helter skelter, and the constant yellong of hawkers trying so hard to get your attention. 

Nothing we hadn’t seen before, I thought. So I parked my ass down as VC set up his tripod to make the best use of catching the sunset at that point of time. Twenty minutes later, one timelapse done, we decided we’d had enough. I dusted my bum and began to walk away. 

My phone has made me so trigger happy, I wander off easily, much to VC’s annoyance. But its much easier for me to go away clicking pictures of obscure things like feathers fluttering by, or a couple perfectly framed against a glistening horizon, while VC packs away his tripod, changes lenses on his camera and packs it all back into his bag. While also missing three other wonderful things I’d hae seen and possibly managed to take pictures off. 

The sky was gleaming, that perfect golden hour. My favourite time of day, especially if its by the sea. The sun looked like it was really close to setting, the crowds showed no signs of abating and the hawkers only grew more excited snd noisy. We decided to call it a day and go away for a drink. 

Briefly pausing from looking into our phones to find a place, I turned around one last time. To see this.  

In an instant, the sky was blushing, with billowy dark clouds rushing in. 

We should stay a while longer, I said. 

So we did. Wandering down closer to the shore. Im so glad we did. Because it progressed to this  

And then this 

And we really couldn’t have had a better end to day one than a spectacularly, classic Galle Face sunset. 

Sea side sunsets are probably the most mundane thing where we come from. And I dont know how I dont tire of it. As I sat on the steps watching the skies blush, painting the couds in wide swathes of insane, unreal colour, I felt small. Incredibly small. 

If there is anything more humbling than gazing out at a mighty, roaring ocean, it is the dance and drama that is a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.


7 thoughts on “Skies that blush

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  4. Beautiful pics! Which phone do you use?

    Beach sunsets are not common for me, and I love them. Simply adore them. We spend hours looking at the sunsets – and, if possible, sunrises too – whenever we are on a beachside holiday. We never tire of them.

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