Four-legged friend


Her eyes were so eager, set perfectly in the square of her fuzzy, subcutaneous-diseased face. Pink spots seen through thinning fur, with eyes that beamed like she was smiling straight at me.

It was meant to be a leisurely walk. It was anything but leisurely. As this little madame tried her very best and did everything in her power to romp around with her. She walked beside us, in front of us, at our heels, so I nearly tripped over her. And finally when she realised none of it was working, these humans were here to do everything (run, walk, watch footballers, skip over streams of sea-water, meet and avoid people they didn’t want to encounter on the beach, laugh, take pictures of the sunset) give this little mutt any attention at all, she retreated.

She was gone, and I looked at VC and said, phew. A couple of minutes later, a lick on my finger, and the same eager face, smiling eyes were back. So finally, I gave in. Talked to her. Asked what she wanted, and she just looked on, the same energetic smile straight back at me.

It seems all she really wanted was some attention. A few words, some time, and perhaps a little conversation too.

I named her Relentless Rani.


6 thoughts on “Four-legged friend

  1. Caryn

    Hi Haathi,

    Hope you are doing great! Very interesting blog you have here.

    I stumbled upon your website when I was searching for places to go during monsoon season. My friends and I are heading to Goa next week on a 4-day trip. We will be staying in North Goa. Hence, I am wondering if you could recommend places to go to since you are a local there.

    So far, we are keen on wildlife sanctuary (which would you recommend? Mhadei?, Dudhsagar falls (is it still accessible?), spice plantation, Nature trails (any to recommend?)…

    Question is do we need to book these trips in advanced or is it easier to book upon arrival?

    Appreciate your time and recommendations :)

    Thank you in advanced!

    Best Regards,


  2. R

    I am going to pretend this didn’t just make me cry, okay? Why are dogs such relentless, unselfish idiots? Why do they do such heartbreakingly precious things (follow us around for a little attention. Nothing more. Who does that?) like it’s no big deal? Stupid dog.
    P.S: If you see her the next time, just blow her a kiss from me.


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