Where I’ve been

In a blur: A large part of this year has been a blur of hectic activity. Work, travel, visitors and every other possible frenetic activity that I could envisage – it hit me this year.

Busy at work: Much of the blur of activity of the last 12-odd months is that work began to pick up pace. It surfaced, reared its head, I grabbed it, I nurtured it, pruning and plucking away at it so it would grow into a nice healthy tree, and so much of that is an all-consuming, hectic activity. I’ve written more, for more people, across various things this year than I have since I quit my job. I feel a bit chuffed to think I took a while to come around, but come around I did. And I’m almost glad it took it’s own sweet time, because I’ve finally found a groove that I fit into, one that I carved out for myself. I’m clearer about the things I want to do, where I want to be and how I’m going to slowly, but surely get there.

I keep telling myself I need to add a tab on this site and link up all my recent work and writing, but this morning it dawned on me that a mere tab wont do. I’m going to need a grown-up-pants-y writers website.


Travelling and travelling some more: There was Bangalore, and Bombay. And then a spectacular 5 days spent in Singapore last month, with S – where we lived the good old days of eating, drinking, laughing. Minus the drugs. It was insane. I didn’t think it was possible, but somehow the levels of camaraderie do not drop, even despite the lack of substances. The best kind of trips are those with people who are as enthusiastic about exactly the same things you are enthusiastic about and Singapore was a complete bingefest because of it. I have way too many memories, and came back with my heart and soul so full, I wanted to hold on to it for as long as I can, so I stayed away from talking about it.

And there’s going to be Madras next month (fingers crossed the rain passes soon), followed up immediately by Bangalore again. And talks of getting away from Goa for the hugsband’s birthday and NYE.

On the brink of a what-next: Life is full, but its full in ways that it hasn’t been for in the years before. And somehow all the experiences of recent past have all pushed the bar high up on, all fronts. As 2016 approaches, I’m feeling that what-next race ahead and get closer to me.

It’s been festering for a while, and this time around the hugsband and I seem to be so much more ready to face whatever it might bring. Angst on that front has slowly given way to some shades of clarity. The cloud has cleared and the lines ahead have begun to form. We’re at a point where we have conversations about it, rather than throw vague dissatisfactions at each other and worry about what will happen next.


Crazy in love: In love. With life. And everything it has given me this year. It’s not like me to want to sit back and svaour every last drop of it without sharing it here, but that has been the case for the most part of 2015. I’ve grabbed every ounce of the abundance and cherished it. There is more than adequate work, its been tremendously fun. There has been joy in travel, immense happiness in nesting while we worked our butts off. There has been a lot of new love and friendship, and a kind of togetherness with some that was previously unknown to me. There has been forging of bonds with those who have stuck around, and there as also the surprise discovery of kindred spirits. There has been way more sisterhood and womanly love than I deserve. It was not without its share of disappointment. In people, in work, in lessons learned. And somehow that too, has made me feel immense love for what it is that I *do* have.

I’m not ready to do my goodbye post to 2015, even though this might sound like it in many ways. I am however ready to welcome 2016 with a warm welcoming embrace.


Bring it. I’m waiting. On tip-toe.


6 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

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  3. This beautiful post is opening my eyes, go chase the opportunities and don’t sit making dreams. High time to go for things in 2016 since this year has been far from rosy. I love traveling. Thanks for this one, Haathi.


  4. Wow! this is such a happy, positive post that resonates the contentment in your heart.
    Wishing you the very best in all your ventures and can’t wait to see this site metamorphose into something that has room for all you wish to share.

    P.S. – In your picture on the RHS do your hoops have Dolphins in them? Just curious, cause I once had a similar pair that had Dolphins. BTW, I love that picture of yours :)


  5. R

    Re! I love seeing you post here :)
    Madras next month, of course, makes me happiest (there is an old wives’ tale about kids who eat raw rice and it raining on their wedding day and sometimes, just sometimes I wonder if that damn thing will come true. Not) :D That apart though, this has been a good year for me, even without A. So much happiness, especially in the people around me. In the sisterhood around me that has been the highpoint of so many things in my life, this year.
    Will stop rambling now. Yes, we need a new writer-y space for you, especially since it seems unless you post about it on FB, we don’t come to know of all that you are writing about (and I for one would love to know. For instance now, I am planning my next Goa holiday already, thanks to your latest on CN).


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