Day 1: Move more


Man, woman, dog. Everyone’s out to kickstart the year with all the right resolutions to move more.

Sometime last year, I bought myself a fitbit. It seemed like the perfect gizmo for a fitness-junkie obsessed with neat little packets of data. I bought it when we were on holiday in Singapore, walking our way around town and I promptly clocked between 10k-15k steps a day.

Until I retuned to Goa. To my home-office, domestic existence, and all illusions of being an active person were shattered. And how! On non workout days I don’t even cross 2k steps! Despite working out 6 times a week, almost every week, I realised I am horribly inactive in my daily life. Save the bursts of activity during the couple of hours I dedicate to exercise, most movement is restricted to walking between my bedroom and the study, the kitchen at best. The moment I step out of my home to go anywhere at all, and I get into my car. I have realised how, despite working out so much, I need to move a lot more. So, walks on the beach are my way to make that happen.

It was a spectacularly dull, cloudless sky today. But the moment the sun began to set, the haze lit up and changed into a spectrum of splendid colours. It was a deep tomato red at one point, and my phone just doesn’t do justice.

Ending today feeling energised, and I hope this is a sign of things to come.

10 thoughts on “Day 1: Move more

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