Day 2: Love


Intricate, almost ethereal. Almost painful. Love filled words delicately engraved on grains of rice, neatly stacked to form patterns in a larger form, Hema Upadhyay’s work at the second edition of Sensorium really spoke to me today.

Sometimes your nearness takes

It’s that time of the year and J and I finally would up at Sensorium to check the exhibits out today. The second edition revolves around the theme of Love. I’m not the most receptive person to installation art, I’ll admit, but despite that, none of the pieces really stood out for me today. Or even really reflected the theme of love, I felt. Except a couple of pictures by Richard and Pablo Bartholomew, and this piece above by Hema Upadhyay.

It’s been a day of talking about love, oddly enough. Began with long-distance meandering conversations with S and S about marriage this morning. Virtual hugs and sisterly love that really ought to be shared over mulled wine or Gin & Tonics. And then afternoon snuggles with the husband, chattering about being at peace in one another’s company. Topped off with meeting J and inevitably talking about the elusive object of affection – happy, intelligent, dependable, charming men. Oddly comforting thought to think everythingI did today had the same theme. Love.


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