Day 11: This and that


I had a lot of feels and thoughts about this article about Indian women dealing with living alone. But it’s taking the life out of me to try and articulate them. So I’m going to save it for another day. Just wanted to share it for now.

Same with this piece about a distinct change in the way in which people are changing, work is evolving and the planet is going to move. I’ve read versions of this in half a dozen places in the recent past, and many of my conversations with friends have revolved around some concepts discussed in this. All closely linked to the latent restlessness I am harbouring.

Many questions going through my mind as I try and re-evaluate how the last one year played out work-wise and what I want to do to ensure I have better balance over things. Also look at this piece on the relevance of the 8-hour work day in today’s context. I’ve found myself wondering what use it is to replace a home-work-style far worse than the one I had in the office and honestly, I don’t have the answers. For many months last year, I worked longer hours than the hugsband did, and that is saying quite something. I would begin my day at my laptop as early as 6 am some days, and work late into the night on several occasions. It was the only way to fit everything in. Again, many feels. No words. Yet. I will have to come back to these.


This full power Advaita track came back to me on Saturday, when I watched Wazir.

It’s the only part of the film that stood out and stayed with me. Probably because I have loved this track forever. The movie? It was banal and predictable. Engaging in bits, but not really a compulsory multiplex watch. Farhan Akhtar needs to stop being so angry all the time.


The weekend went by in a daze this time around. I’m trying to set the tone for the year by sticking to my no-laptop rule as far as I can help it. But I think I might have to amend it to no-work, since I can now Netflix and chill. Which is what I did for most of the weekend. When I wasn’t sketching or reading.

Dosas and chutney were had for three meals out of 6 and I realise I could go on like that as long there is an unending supply of dosa batter. I whipped up a different chutney each time, and aloo-palya to go with it one time. I could keep that up without repeating a chutney for a decent span of time, and I would be a very happy girl to eat meals of that kind.



Have I mentioned I experimented a bit with intermittent fasting right before I fell ill and had to start eating breakfast again, in order to take my morning dose or anti biotics? I felt a different in just 10 days, and its definitely something I want to look into properly. All the research I did points to the fact that we’re an over fed race and for our acutely diminished activity levels, we’re eating way more than we need to. I always feel like I wake up early and cannot function without breakfast. But a few days into going without eating breakfast and I realised I was fine. The body makes do, and you end up eating lunch sooner than usual. Then you’re hungry by tea time, so you nibble on something with you chai. Dinner too is consecutively, early. All very healthy and left me feeling light, energetic and regulated my sleep to a certain extent too. Combined with a renewed weights and kick boxing routine, I think I should be set for a while.

However, this past weekend was not a time for fasting or skipping breakfast.


VC loves waffles and is constantly begging for them. We have a defunt waffle iron that needs a decent adaptor that converts wattage from American standards to Indian ones, but somehow we havent figured out a solution that will not make it burn out. It’s been lying in my loft, unattended for years now. So on his birthday last week, I bought him a waffle iron. Smaller, more versatile and very easy to use. Also, a trusty Morphy Richards piece. I threw in a set of Pilsner glasses, and he was SO happy.

Now I get to eat waffles on weekends. Two birds, one stone. Teach a man to fish and all that. We just need to crack a recipe that makes them crispy. Ideas?


When Iw asn’t stuffing face, I also went to the beach for a walk. Decided to ease myself back into physical exercise, but I ended up getting lost. Pahahaha, yeah, on my own neighbourhood beach. All because winter trickery is still in force and it goes from dusk to dark in 3 minutes flat. It wasn’t one of my best moments, and I resorted to stuffing my key between my fingers, ready to jab any creepy stranger who tried to take advantage of the lack of lights on the beach.

When it was still light out though, I saw a host things.


I love how lively the beach is, with a wide variety of people doing various things there. In the 1.5 hours that I was there, I saw boys playing football barefoot (some, topless) and oblivious to the world, kids building sandcastles that anchored rainbow coloured kites, one particularly lanky fellow doing cartwheels – a whole row of them, fishermen using their body weight to fight the tide and weigh down the anchors of their nets, happy cockerspaniels excitedly getting their ears wet in the waves, a smiley auntie in a saree getting her evening walk in the sand, uncle in pink track pants, one very brave lady doing a perfect downward dog smack in the middle of one of the most crowded parts of the beach. I looked at her from a distance and thought she was very brave. I’m not sure what to make of it. And I think I saw what could be a crossfit class, and made a mental note to sneak up and scope it.

An unintended month’s break from working out ended today. It started as a week off because I went off to Madras for a break, but I came back to holiday scene kicking in and class being cancelled for a bit. When it reopened, the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s Eve had caught up with me. Just when I thought I had gotten through all of 2015 with just one major bout of the flu, I was down again with a viral fever, sore throat and cold so bad, I was knocked out for an entire week. Long after the fever had subsided, my energy levels are still flagging and I feel wiped out so very easily. I went to the gym today, feeling excessively skinny. All the months of hard work building muscle, undone in no time at all. All lost to a frikking virus. It just feels so unfair. I was wiped out in no time today, and I shudder to think how long its going to take to regain the strength and stamina back to where I was.


Meanwhile, the restless continues, unabated. Mild relief from distractions, daily habits and some amount of work that keeps me engrossed, helps. But for the most part I’m carrying around this knot in my stomach, which makes me feel very vulnerable and like I’ve gone astray.


9 thoughts on “Day 11: This and that

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  6. Intermittent fasting sounds more Ayurvedic than the new age concept I guess? Eating at 6pm ,then getting up & have something at 6am – Sort of the concept you mentioned? Interesting! Some how I never feel the urge to do breakfast before 10.30 – but I forcefully feed myself due to this never-skip-your-breakfast theory! I should give fasting a try then!

    I hope you have recovered from flu. :)


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