Day 12: R & R

It’s a seedy looking back alley in my neighbourhood. The one right by the cigarette tapri that A and I were at. Waves of raucous laughter and click-lack tapping of glasses wafted out from the distance and I immediately darted my glance away to avoid peeking at something that might attract attention. How quick we are, to assume that we as women are always in a place of being vulnerable to prying eyes. How quick I was, to immediately want to “protect” myself from what I assumed was a den of vice, of course.

But what I was hearing was clinking of chai cups. And mad cheering from teams of people deeply engrossed in and enjoying their daily games of carom. Super involved, but not too busy to stop and smile for me as I took a picture of course.

The chai walla, poured out another round of tea in cutting chai glasses. Another round, this one’s on me I thought.

Just your average R&R at the end of a busy day in Taleigaon.

10 thoughts on “Day 12: R & R

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  4. Ah! What a welcome change from finding that our gut is always right in sensing danger. The joy of being wrong and reinforcing the belief that sometimes we can still be wrongly alarmed :)


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