Day 39: Time bubble

There’s something to be said about the ability of siblings to instantaneously make time spin backwards within minutes of hanging out with each other after a spell spent apart. No matter how many weeks and months pass between those meetings, it takes barely any time for natural progression of time to dissolve and flow backwards, bringing out that child in us.

It’s definitely a special kind of regression, for me. It’s like being temporarily kidnapped by aliens and having a body double walking around in my place. Except the body double has the brain of myself from aeons ago. Swinging wildly across ages between 6-16. No telling which one will emerge when.

I’ve been suffering spotty internet for the last ten odd days, but thankfully work has been lean and the sister is visiting. That usually means far less time spent at the laptop. And a lot more time spent fooling around. Today though, the internet died altogether rendering us jobless (because both of us had work to do, that couldn’t be done offline) and left to our own antics.

So. This happened.



It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to regress into the headspace from my childhood when I am around my sister. Memories flow back incessantly, nostalgia rules and the weirdest, forgotten, unimaginably sweet anecdotes come up when you’re not even trying to recollect them.

For all the time’s I wish for time to slow down, or to temporarily turn the clock back in time, I must remember to just hang out with my sister more often. It truly puts the brakes on growing up in a hurry.

7 thoughts on “Day 39: Time bubble

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  5. this post is so poetic. i can almost relate to this; i think in my case though it’s couple of my childhood friends than my sisters that make me feel this way. the years gone by, the distance that separates us all that takes a back seat making way to the memories of the yesteryear. and what’s so amusing and amazing to me is the different things each of us remember from back then (both siblings and old friends) – you may remember one incident that the other person may have no recollection of and vice versa and suddenly when all of it surfaces everyone is left with nothing but smiles.


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