Day 42: Fail

This S, she so gently unknowingly, subtly egged me on to declare that I would be attempting to give up alcohol and desserts for Lent.

Okay I’m lying. All she did was casually suggest that she was going to be giving up alcohol and desserts while I gave her a virtual hat tip and went on and on about how I cannot imagine a life without either because I love it all just too much.

But somehow, by the end of it I had agreed to try.  Despite declaring my undying love for happy hour margaritas and mentioning the one litre of serradura that was lying in my fridge waiting to be eaten post dinner.

And then at 7, this happened.


Clearly I’m not doing a very good job of trying.

Willpower – 1. Revati – 0.

8 thoughts on “Day 42: Fail

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