Day 76: Telepathy


We sat together one day, you and I
perfectly silent.
The concave of your hunched body
fitting my body completely.
We watched the sea
as it swallowed the sun
eating it up in hungry, big bites.
The surface of the waves
shimmery, resplendent,
We built entire universes, right there.
In that space of time
between dusk and darkness.
Dreams threaded together like fresh jasmine,
the fragrance, heady.
Mapping plans
in the expanse between out thoughts.
Words exchanged in the glint of our eyes,
messages, like shiny thunderbolts
piercing a choppy, stormy sky.
And so we stayed together one day, you and I.
Building bridges between our minds
Crossing pathways
studded with neural pulses, that
burst to life intermittently.
Every time a star twinkled,
my soul smiled.
Silently. Lighting up your eyes.
We sat together, you and I
perfectly poised.
The grip of your fist
tightly enclosing mine.

6 thoughts on “Day 76: Telepathy

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