Day 88: Fam-jam

28 Mar

There was a time when surprise plans never worked with me. I’d sniff them out one way or the other. It didn’t stop me from enjoying said plans, but the surprise element was always deflated beforehand. But the hugsband is getting rather good at fixing up surprises that actually surprise me. My folksies hatched a grand plan in collaboration with the hugsband, and showed up in Goa at the start of the super-long weekend. To surprise me.

I might have had some inkling of a possibility of it happening, but nothing confirmed my hunch, and somewhere I forgot all about it. Until two hours before they arrived, when my granny called me, very enthusiastically. To check if they had arrived.

And that was it. My hunch was confirmed.

However, it didn’t put a spoke in our plans. Actually, we had no plans. An easy few days ensued, fam-jam style and only the sister was sorely missed. It was meant to be a few days for my folks to relax, out of their regular routine, so there was home cooked food and drink, massages, pedicures, some shopping, lots of naps and laughter.

I wasn’t completely prepared for a busy (read distracted) weekend, so I managed to juggle some work through it too, and it was nice to have a busy, full house after so long.

It’s amazing how having family so close brings back familiar things from back home. Nourishing salads at every meal, invigorating filter coffee every morning (I couldn’t be arsed to make myself a single cup of this on a daily basis, but my mother does it, unfailingly), my mother’s talcum powder, my father’s supari. It was like the old days, in a new bottle. Did I mention my sister was sorely missed?

It’s been a while since the four of us were all together under one roof, without a pre-set agenda like a family gathering or function bringing us together. I don’t know when a truly free, plan-less trip was had and this reminded me of the last time we did something similar. Before I was married.

Anyhow, so that’s why the break in posting, which I will make up for one way or another. I spent all of today answering ignored emails from the weekend, catching up on pending things, making new to-do lists and catching a much needed nap.

Now excuse me while I stumble back to normalcy.


3 Responses to “Day 88: Fam-jam”

  1. My Era March 28, 2016 at 11:15 pm #

    Your long weekend sounded so much fun and am glad I read it on a Monday evening. I can’t help but smile with the calm & pure joy your words exude :D


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