Day 96: Busy bee day

Today was bonkers busy. After an age, it was a day that allowed no procrastination. It was one of those days that ran by rather than moved along at a normal pace. I feel like I’ve been scramming from the moment go. It began at 6.30, with me skipping a cycle ride to begin working, in order to get a head-start to the day. I was only partly successful because I was half-asleep. Dragged myself to the gym at 8.30, where I got my ass wiped with a 1200 calorie workout. Rushed home, showered quickly to hit my desk soonest. Worked worked worked, filed a mini story and felt slightly accomplished for the day, only to realise it was 11.30 and I hadn’t even begun to make lunch. My house help is away on leave for a whole month leaving me to my own antics in the kitchen. Which means, I have nobody to do the prep anymore, doubling all cooking time. Stopping to get into the kitchen to cook was not an option today, so I ploughed on and decided to eat out instead. Finally ducked out at 12.30 for a quick bite with the hugsband, came back and fought a mountain-of-fried-rice-induced sleep. Did so by keeping butt glued to the desk, rather than choosing to move laptop and self to horizontal position in bed, which is the usual state for post-prandial torpor. Worked worked worked some more when I heard the doorbell ring. Looked up to realise it was 4.30, and time for the replacement help who comes in to do the  cleaning. Finished another mammoth story, and thought about making myself the evening cuppa chai, but realised I had absolutely no time to spare, so ploughed on some more. Realised at 4.50 that today was the last day to drop off a long-pending cheque to the bank, and the bank shuts at 5.15. Rushed out and made it to the bank in the nick of time, with three minutes to spare. Picked up dinner stuff on the way back, making elaborate plans to cook up paneer burji, parathas and dal. Came home, took out all the stuff I needed to cook, but realised I had to finish some invoicing before the close of business for the day, so hit my desk again. At about 6.30 realised I also needed to do my monthly grocery shopping that had been pushed 5 days already. We’re out of floor cleaner, garbage bags and toor dal and every day without dal is a pain, so off I went with shopping bags in tow. Carted back a month’s worth of groceries, only to remember I had ordered a bottle of homemade Irish Cream yesterday that had to be picked up. Knew I wouldn’t find parking if I went all by myself, so dragged hugsband out of the office, made him drive me there, double park and wait while I fetched the goodies. On the way back, got a call from a chef I had to interview, who I’d been trying to call all day, to no response. Begged for five minutes until I reached home, to call her back. Reached home at 8, dinner still to be made, one last story still to be filed, but pushed it all aside to sit down at my desk and return the call. But not without a big generous helping of the Irish Cream I’d just procured. Excellent choice because it was a painless and wonderful call, and gave me all that I needed to finish the last story for the day. At 8.50 I finally decided to cook – paneer and paratha plans dashed – I settled for a quick lauki-loaded-dal in one cooker, steamed sprouted green moong in another. Finished up the story while the cookers worked their thing. Then made a quick tadka for the dal and the moong sabji, tossed them both together and belted it all with rice. Done. No, not quite. Finished up the unfinished invoicing, updated all my excel sheets, scheduled some emails for tomorrow, made my to-do-list for tomorrow, seeing as how I struck off so much from today’s list! Was about to shut the laptop down for the day, when I realised I hadn’t posted anything today!

Despite how much I got done today, I don’t like days like this, when they don’t even give me a moment to breathe. I like having a full day, but I also like the room to relax and ease myself through it. I hope this is not a sign of things to come because I certainly don’t want to go back to the way things were last year.

There’s such a change in the very idea of accomplishment to my mind. There’s a daily to-do list, there’s a larger to-do list for life. And there’s a ton of easy, fun, relaxing things to do in between. I feel like trying to balance it all is going to be an eternal quest. For life.

I’m SO ready to call it a day now. Listening to this to put myself to sleep tonight.

8 thoughts on “Day 96: Busy bee day

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