Day 98: Weekending

It’s just Thursday, but the calm of the weekend has already arrived. The slowing down that usually flows in on Friday evening, is here. It’s been such a good, balanced week. 4 morning bike rides, one evening of single malts and dinner with N, killer, killer workouts everyday, brand new and ridiculously lovely eye-candy at the gym, one insanely busy work day, some important (for me) stories filed, some more in the works and lined up, up lots of work finished ahead of time in anticipation of the weekend with N who gets in tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.50.59 PM

Now if only I can keep this balance going.

5 thoughts on “Day 98: Weekending

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  4. It has been a very productive week for me too & somehow the slow paced, weekend air seems to have filled up my part of the universe too.
    I too am hoping to stay put with the pace I’ve achieved this week :)
    P.S.- Love your doodle <3


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