Day 111: Happy music fix

Music cycles. It’s what I do. I get addicted to specific tracks, entire concerts, soundtracks of TV show, whatever may catch my attention, and then I obsess over it till my ears peel off.

Of late it’s been these random fixes:

I didn’t enjoy watching Tamasha at all. I’m not sure why, really. I love Ranbir and I thought he was spectacularly good in it, as always. But maybe DP irritated me too much to really get into the movie as a whole. So the music did nothing for me when I watched it. But its ARR, and I had to revisit it and give it a second chance. And it really got beneath my skin. I listened to the entire soundtrack on loop for many days, but if I had to pick just one track, it’s this one. If I had to pick two, I’d add this one to my picks.

This is a wild, bouncy, energetic, yet dark-ish song. And I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for videos that have allure, like this one does. So it was easy to be drawn into this one. It’s one of the few songs I need to watch as much as listen to.

It’s perfect for every mood, this one. But mostly hits the spot for me right after I’m back from the gym, still sweaty, still tripping on a mega dose of endorphins. And it hits the spot. Every time.

S shared this with me on fb the other day, and it triggered a trail of comments with a track each – a custom made happy music fix for easy retrieval! I have heard so much about Vinyl (the show) and it sounds so completely up my alley, but but am yet to get down to watching it. Anyone watched it? Reviews? Opinions?

Speaking of TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy made such a good comeback in the latest season, I almost can’t believe it! They’ve got their game back good and proper. And not just with the storyline and script, but tight writing, really compelling formats of telling the story with every episode using a dramatically different tactic. The music has been top notch and this is a cover for an old, old favourite which takes me right back to 11th grade and our days of going clubbing at 5 pm, dressed in boot cut jeans and a spaghetti strap top that I sowed silver sequins on to.

This is a very end-of-the-day wind it down slowly kind of track that gets me in the mood to work, or finish up work, rather. I had it on loop for a whole day until my neighbour literally begged me to stop.

Yeah I get that bad. Send me your recent reccos!

6 thoughts on “Day 111: Happy music fix

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  4. Omg. U too. I too obsess over some songs for a while. N they r on continuous loop for days together. N then I need something new.

    With my husband’s Apple music at desktop facing an issue, haven’t played anything new off late.

    Anyhow. My ‘all over the place’ collection, which I still get back to now and then…
    Frank Sinatra’s Sway.
    Bryan Adams’ Tequila sunrise cover sung by my husband. (:P).
    Mashup by Vidya of ‘Blank space’ and ‘Mental Manadhil’, which eventually led me to like both the songs’ original track.
    Maroon 5 Sugar. And few others…


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