Day 113: Stop

A long, tiring and somewhat trying week ended today. It was trying not because of any monumental challenges that I couldn’t face but because of tiny, niggling, annoying domestic fuck ups that just suck the life out of you. It’s always the smallest things that have the potential to be forgotten, that somehow take on gigantic proportions at the worst most inauspicious times. And then there is no mercy. No matter that the help is away for a month, worm is at its busiest, the hugsband has had wisdom teeth extracted and needs liquidized food, one has to manage it all in addition to seeing said domestic fuck ups through to some kind of resolution. 

By Thursday I was wilting.  Overworked,stretched and seriously feeling  overwhelmed, I always realise it too late. And my clinginess to VC is usually the first sign. 

So before it could bubble over and make a mess I pulled the plug. Force stop. Stack overflow. Time out. Call it whatever you want. I took it. Initially I made plans to get away. But soon resorted to the confines of my study itself. My laptop stayed off all day and I decided I was tgoingto be “away”. 

It was a good day. Just what I needed. Made better with a new book, dodging a nap, reading in the dappled afternoon light, an artificially cooled room, many cups of chai and fried snacks.

That’s all. 

7 thoughts on “Day 113: Stop

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