Day 116: Bits and bobs

  1. Given the week that was, I took the weekend to decompress. I pottered about the house finishing up long-pending chores, a bit of spring cleaning, tidying up ignored corners of the home that finally made me feel like I could inhabit any part without feeling repulsed about how shoddy things have gotten around here. Time and again I realise that when my brain is overloaded, chaotic, a muddle, it shows around me. The opposite is true too – the moment peace of mind is restored, my surroundings get tidied up too.
  2. I’ve been making very conscious efforts to deal with my seriously questionable attention span, the perpetual urge to procrastinate and my tendency to push everything to the very last minute. Last week was the second week of paring down my to-do list down to a realistic and achievable one, and staying on top of it. It was a crazy week for reasons outside of work, and I realise that I was able to manage it all because I had a handle on most things that were in my control. What I couldn’t control, I let be. After a crazy week like that, when you still manage to tick off things and close the week clean, Monday looks fresh and clean too. No sense of impending doom to wake up to, no overwhelming to-do lists waiting to engulf you. I need to see how I’m going to keep this up.
  3. I had a gas cylinder situation that meant I had to get creative and the weekend featured a lot of lazy, make-shift kind of cooking – trying to do as much as possible without turning the stove on. I went out for quite the spectacular brunch with R, while VC attempted yet another 100km ride. I pigged out on huveos rancheros, which is totally my kind of breakfast heaven. Spicy, warm, hearty, wholesome, with eggs and sausages, and flatbread for good measure. It’s a pity more people don’t do creative breakfasts around here. If you’re in Goa and looking for breakfast with a difference, ask me.
  4. This coffee was had. But really, it was the kind of coffee that had me.
  5. I had another piece out in the weekend magazine of The Hindu. About bread and Saee’s new cookbook that’s all about bread. Look?
  6. Sunday ended with this view and laughter-filled conversations with VC who can finally throw his head back and laugh his usual big, wide, toothy laugh.
    He had a wisdom tooth out last week that had him in so much pain, with the added misery of no smoking, no drinking, no solid food, and the added pain of not being able to open his mouth wide. Maybe we were just making up for the sombre week, but we laughed SO much last evening.
  7. #NowPlaying
  8. And. It’s birthday week!

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