Day 117: See Lanka

This time last year, we’d set foot in Sri Lanka. Time last year, the hugsband was at the peak of his video shenanigans (remember our foodeos?) which meant that a heavy-as-hell camera bag and a complete kebab-mein-haddi tripod followed us everywhere we went on our trip to Sri Lanka. Being around VC when he is in the thick of shooting something also means patiently waiting till he has his fill, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly playing assistant/model/prop/creative director too. I stress the word patiently, because that’s where I usually fail. I’m on holiday, and I like to take things in as they are, without having to wait for the right moment and the best shot. It meant I couldn’t dig into my food until he had got the right shot of me serving it, and panned across my plate both ways. It meant waking up at the butt-crack of dawn for the first three days, looking for the perfect spot to catch the sunrise. It meant giving up my plans to chill with a drink on the beach, to trek up a hill to get the perfect vantage point.

VC makes me do these things. Not against my will, though. Because I am also known to suffer serious FOMO, sometimes the mere mention of a plan or a possibility is enough to tickle my curiosity and motivate me to get off my ass. Even on holiday. Even if some part of me doesn’t really want to.

So we did all those things. And a lot, lot more. Much of it was meant to make it to the blog, but never did (because you know what happened last year). Much of it will always remain in my head, and was never meant to be shared anywhere. Much of it filled my instagram – I stopped using filters and edits for good when I was Sri Lanka, the place was that gorgeous. And much of it still remains. In my mind and heart. And remnants of it keep coagulating into semi-solid memories that beckon me Sri-Lanka wards again.

For everything else, there is this:

<p><a href=”″>Sri Lanka 2015</a> from <a href=””>Chughalong</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

To see some more video work (albeit grossly not up to date) by VC, pop over here.

13 thoughts on “Day 117: See Lanka

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      1. mansi

        haha. I’m going to save that and use it once :P . But i remember, when you posted a picture of my letter on instagram, you’d said ‘omo omo omo’. :D


          1. mansi

            ah ! i finally know it. I feel like a burden is off my head :) anyways tell your hubsand these videos are amazing. I think I want to go to sri lanka now.


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