Day 118: This day, that year

I stayed away from activating the notifications on that facebook memories thingie, until yesterday. When I realised it was exactly one year since Sri Lanka. Activating it has put me in a complete spin, and for the last three days, the first thing I do upon logging in to fb is check the onthisday feature.

It got me thinking back to this day, that year, for every year that I’ve been in Goa. Coupled with the fact that I’m closing in on the 10 year mark of blogging here, I scrolled back in time and read some posts from April down the years. I was happy to recall a lot of it – until 2010. Beyond that, things are a bit blurry. I often think of 2010, the year I moved to Goa, as a definite start of a new phase in my life. It is also the year I started blogging more fervently, regularly, and with a sense of purpose (at least in my head!). So it’s actually no wonder that times from the years before that, chronicled on this blog, are fuzzy, a bit muddled and in some parts just blank. For example, I have no memory of what might have triggered this post, though I have a distinct recollection of this happening.

So, looking back:

April, 2010. We had just moved to Goa, set up home and lived here one month, when R, S and H came to visit. It was a hectic weekend with a lot of fun and there was a new high in playing host, but also the fatigue of playing host. I distinctly remember feeling overwhelmed, conflicted and overjoyed all at once.

2011. I remember this day being the beginning of trying to explore other loves outside of work. Taking time out not to just faff around and have fun, but to spend it in something constructive, yet liberating. The art bug clearly hasn’t left me. It surfaces about once a year, much like it did in April, 2011.

2012. VC and I did this spending the day at the beach thing a whole lot more back then, than we do now. Now I got to the beach for a walk/run, or to watch the sunset. We rarely ever make an outing of it like this. Things are a lot more crowded these days and finding a peaceful beach usually involves driving way out – something I don’t always have the patience for anymore. In fact I was just telling S today, how I have probably not been for a swim in the sea, in Goa, in 2 seasons now. And no, Im not complaining.

2013. Ohhh this day. This phase. I look back on it wistfully because it was the culmination of the first few months of funemployment and funwinding from the advertising day job, that actually set the tone and the seeds for the life I am now living. I was clueless and had no idea where I was going to begin. It was all completely new to me and somehow I had this dream of reaching a place where I write about things that matter to me, things that excite me, give me joy. That I work on my own terms, with flexibility, and still make enough money to sustain myself – this was a dream on this day in 2013. I’ve come a long, long way and looking back at this post almost makes me choke up a little.

2014. I actually had no memory of doing this exercise in reflection, but once I saw the post and read through it the memory sparked back to life. It was a fun list to reflect on, on the eve of turning 30, which somehow seems like it was a long time ago, and yet like it only just happened. As I read through it, I realised how much things have changed even in the two years since the day. Maybe it’s time to do it again? Also my baby pictures in the post never fail to make me smile.

2015. Considering how little I blogged last year, April saw a sudden flurry of posts, prompted entirely by the mindblowing beauty that Sri Lanka presented. I was afraid I was oversharing, but I didn’t care too much, evidently.

And because I feel like sharing my on-loop song for the day, tekkit.

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