Day 120: Birthday weekend in progress

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: girlfriends, best. Because, I am lucky to have two of the most insane girls I know and love, come spend my birthday weekend with me. It has been filled with all the best things I could ask for, and the kind of things only girlfriends can make happen. I will write about it, and finish an incomplete draft on the topic of girlfriends that I’ve had lying incomplete for a while now. I will get to it eventually. So yes, a longer post will follow, when I have completely soaked up the immensity of this love, good juju and loveliness.

When I moved to Goa six years ago, I had a faint notion that it was a chance to begin every new year at the beach. But I only managed it once, in our very first year here – and what a birthday it was! 2011 featured a surprise ringing-it-in party so boisterous, that I had to spend the actual birthday in peace. I actually had no memory of the birthday of 2012 – zilch. Until I suddenly recollected it was a home party, where I cooked my friends dinner and ordered my own birthday cake! Then there was a crazy night of dancing over the birthday of 2013 that I didn’t think I’d ever wake up from. But I did, and lived to tell the tale. My 30th in 2014 was unusually quiet, but very memorable and happy. I didn’t even cut a cake, but it was a time of overwhelming peace and I was overcome by a lovely, everything-is-in-it’s-place kind of contentment. Last year I was on the beach, just not in Goa, but it should still count, right? We were in Sri Lanka, away from network and I had a fantastic, quiet birthday.

This year, I’m back on the beach again. And maybe I will tell you all about it. But for now, this is in progress and I’m going to be missing for a while.


Here, listen to what I’m listening to, in the meantime.

7 thoughts on “Day 120: Birthday weekend in progress

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