Day 124: Kangana Ranaut’s crash-course in honesty, feminism and empathy

Can I just say Kangana Ranaut is officially my hero? She’s consistently made all the right moves, said all the right things and chased after the big gigs without giving any fucks to the competition, the expectations or any of the other frills women in this incredibly hard-to-break industry have to succumb to. And she does it all with an incredibly unapologetic way, always saying it like it is, even if it is the less popular, controversial, scary truth.

And she did it again tonight on National TV, no less. Dignified, hyper articulate, clear, unapologetic, completely unpretentious and unaffected. Just the brutal truth, which is the best kind of badassery she could have used to respond to the piles of rubbish that’s been doled her way in the recent few weeks.

Apart from the general quick lessons in calling out prevalent instances of sexism and misogyny, I thought she carried herself off with just the right attitude. Cutting where necessary, head held high, politely handing back the unnecessary flattery and bringing back the focus to the issue at hand, time and again. She did it with a brand of honesty that is hard to find, even take, least of all form women in places of exemplary success, and she did it with the right attitude, refraining completely from allowing the discussion to come down more public humiliation. I thought it was incredibly empathic, yet grounded firmly in standing up for herself and everything she stands for. And just when you thought it was getting really serious, she whipped out her smarts to drive a point home.

My favourite bits:

I am a self-pleaser, not a people-pleaser.

The industry is particularly sexist because women are expected to be glam dolls, bimbettes or a pretty piece of ass. Because it’s convenient. *FUCK-YEAH. (and she topped it off with something about how anything more is hard work, and who wouldn’t take the easy way out)*

I’m not trying to be better than male actors. I try to be better than everyone aorund me.

I think we should all compete for excellence in human spirit, regardless of sex and this should be taught everywhere. *claps*

Why should Bollywood accept me? You should ask me if I have accepted Bollywood.

Rahul kanwal (sheepishly): Have you accepted Bollywood?
Kangana: Yes!
Rahul: Has Bollywood accepted you?
Kangana: I don’t care.

I’m proud of my fragile body, my soft hands and my sharp mind. I want to hit with what’s sharper than what’s softer.

I feel like I’m on the right track. My journey is not from Bandra to Juhu. It’s from a remote village in Manali to where I am today, at Rashtrapati Bhavan. This is an extraordinary journey. It has to have plot points. Even fairy tales have villains.

You go, Kangana! National Awards and beyond. You’re worth a bigger space than Bollywood could ever accommodate for you.

More responses and ace bits from her interviews here.

4 thoughts on “Day 124: Kangana Ranaut’s crash-course in honesty, feminism and empathy

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  3. Deb

    Abso-fucking-lutely! Especially the bit about ‘anything more is hard work and who wouldn’t want to take the easy way out’!! :) Love it!
    Although I gotta say it I didn’t like the Tanu weds Manu II movie. Her acting as Datto yes, but the premise of the story was quite lame.


    1. Sure but as an artist Im sure she has her reasons for choosing the work she does. One can debate scripts and plot lines, but in her current situation, I thought she handled this interview really well, and in my eyes came out looking like an absolute hero.


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