Day 126: At sea

5 May


Horizons echo
Sending waves back to the start,
home. Where they belong.

The weekend has induced some serious beach cravings. Perhaps because it rekindled a forgotten feeling. Of being in the sea – the water, a balmy temperature, with the sun beating down and browning my shoulders, a summery breeze flitting over the surface of the water as I bobbed up and down with the swell and flow of the waves, occasionally being thrashed around and rendered completely helpless. The sea has a way of leaving you exhausted, yet energised, if that is possible at all.

And I feel the need. To. Go. Back.


One Response to “Day 126: At sea”


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    […] the hiatus triggered the urge to be back in the sea again. And so last weekend P and I went back. And an afternoon of cocktails, food and swimming was […]

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