Day 141: Malleswaram market things

So, I landed in Bangalore this morning. And true to the nature of my home, run by my errand-crazy mother, we went to the market in the evening. Good old Malleswaram market that’s transformed in so many ways. And yet much of it still remains just the same. The same smiling faces, albeit a little more wrinkled. The same gorgeous wares. The same nooks and corners. The smells. The textures. The colours.


What jasmine looks like.
Fragrance up for sale, when it’s
Strung like sweet candy.


Look me in the eye
Unravel every inch of
me, wrapped up in green.


A whiff of today
The crunch of nostalgia
Spiced with yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Day 141: Malleswaram market things

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  4. Gorgeous pics! :) How on earth did I miss this post?!
    I love Malleshwaram market and Gandhi Bazaar for the same reasons as you do – they have still retained their charm. I can never tire of looking at all the wares that are on sale in these places, capture them on camera, and just walk around, savouring the energy, colours, smell and feel of these places.


    1. You didnt’ miss it – I only just posted it last night :)
      Back dated and catching up for the entire week that I was away and couldnt post haha.
      Going to Malleswaram market is a special kind of nostalgia for me, for all those reasons. Nothing changes! And it is so endearing to see the same vendors still recognise you me all these years <3


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