Day 144: Monday, this week

There was a time I collated cool things I saw on the Interwebz. Now I do it on fb, and since I’m filling in on missed time, I’m cheating/taking the easy way out and dropping a bunch of cool things I saw/posted/enjoyed off facebook last week. Here goes (in no particular order).

Boss-lady MIA talking about recycling everything.


Boss-lady Amy Tan talking about strength.

Carrie talking about what I interpreted the struggle through self-doubt, shame, guilt and all the feels, in rising again.

This spot-on article about the downward spiral of social-media-influencer led marketing.

Influencers are going to start disappearing. Brands are going to start realizing the amount of followers you have doesn’t mean shit. Just because photos look good and have 200,000 followers means nothing. You can’t rely on content creators all day long. For the influencers, their entire business is about relationships and friendships. Someone was at Vice, so uses their friend to do photography. Someone knows someone else at Instagram so gets featured on the trending page. We live and die by these platforms today. Rest in peace, influencers. Long live the next thing.

I’ve felt this was inevitable, and in many ways the hunch is what made me stay firmly away from steering my blog and the food blog in the direction most Indian blogs and food blogs are going. And going by previously followed patterns and how we’re always two steps behind the west, I’m guessing this bubble will burst here too. Soonly.

Obama was in Vietnam. And this happened <3

I’ve been at the receiving end of wayyyyy too much unwanted, unexpected and totally unsavoury male attention. I’ve talked about it to the moon and back with S and S and it seems I’ll need to learn to literally and physically master this.


Last week, after what seems like an absolute age, Coldplay came out with a track I actually, really liked.

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