Day 145: Rumination without a title

My fingers trace patterns
across the world of skin
that is the expanse of your back,
until it runs out.

Every freckle, a place of interest
plotted for no particular reason
except that I was there.

I glide through undulating slopes
the secret nooks and hiding places
the special places that tickle.

We talk in bubbles of soft confetti
Words like puffy tufts
of adoration and endearment
that never run out.

Your laugh, it fills my brain
gurgling, breathy and so full
of a love for life
that never runs out.

In my mind, we are a universe
wrapped up in velveteen clouds
of immense satisfaction.

No thoughts of the future,
none of the the past, no nostalgia
There is me, and there is you
and it is enough.

How wonderful it is
to count time, as it runs by
even as i am surrounded by a contentment
that never runs out.


3 thoughts on “Day 145: Rumination without a title

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