Day 148: Odd days like today

Every so often, quite unplanned, I have just the kind of day that I need and that I’ve dodged for so long. 

Today was that kind of day. 

Laptop turned off. Phone ignored. Intentions to spend the day reading crushed by the insurmountable need to sleep. And the most unexpected of them all, a monster sized three hour nap. 

I’ll take it as a natural, much-needed reboot. While in my head I’m planning for a fresh start on 1 June, this is my body claiming the rest it’s been asking for for so long now. 

When I woke up and had had my chai, I decided to step out for a walk. And this is how my day ended. 

Under a purple blanket, with an irresistible urge for a plate of chicken 65 that I had exactly a week ago in Bangalore. 

The urge remains unsatisfied. The day, however, was immensely satisfying. I didn’t ask for a day off. But I somehow wound up with a day where I did absolutely nothing. And I got a purple sunset. I’ll take it. 

2 thoughts on “Day 148: Odd days like today

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