Day 158: No words today

I watched a questionable number of Malayalam and Tamil movies over the weekend, inspired by a very giggly, hormone-driven discussion about the collective jaw-dropping beauty of Nivin pauly, Dulquer Salmaan and Fahadh Faasil on S’s fb, that I eavesdropped on and diligently noted down names of movies from. I had a bunch of observations to make, apart from the fact that it’s a crying shame I’ve ignored Malayalam and Tamil cinema so far.

(pssst: those of you who regularly watch Malayalam and Tamil movies, do you know where I can download them?)

But I’m shutting shop after a super productive and mentally exhausting Monday. And I have no words left for today. My productivity has suddenly seen a spike in the last 10 days or so. I’ve been trying some new tricks and whadya know, so far they seem to be working. The downside is even though I have a lot to say, I’m exhausted and all out of words. Today, at least. So I will try and come back to the post tomorrow.

For now, listen to what I listened to, on loop today.

3 thoughts on “Day 158: No words today

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