Day 162: New tricks

I tried a few new tricks this week. Actually, it’s been in the works for a few weeks now, but things really fell into place only on Monday this week,

Mostly it involved ways to focus better on work, intensify efforts in an efficient way so that I get more from less time spent staring at my computer. And. I’m afraid to admit. It seems to work. (How long I keep it up is another matter, heh.)

I’m closing the week with a surprising amount of new gigs generated, some in progress, and I even made time to visit a “food forest”, bring home some sticky buns, rush back in time to catch margaritas at happy hour with these two whom I haven’t met in what feels like months.  

It was pouring cats and dogs outside, the sun was still out, we had a window seat and it the margaritas were perfect. I instinctively felt like snapping a picture.


It feels like a win on multiple counts.

I’ve been feeling terribly asocial of late. And I feel like a cloud is lifting off of me.
I’ve berated myself and my lack of efficiency for months now.
I’ve really, really struggled with how to up the ante in terms of doing more work in a given month.

It’s been on my mind and occupied a lot of my mental bandwidth for the last many weeks. I’ve tried to implement a lot of habits with little success. Until 2 weeks ago when I started turning my data off during work hours, muted whatsapp completely and made myself a timetable for work hours. In just one week of sticking to it, I feel like I may be onto something here. How long this lasts remains to be seen.

10 thoughts on “Day 162: New tricks

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  6. This post is all about the thoughts on my mind today. Turning off the data during work hours has been the best thing I’ve tried lately and reading how it has worked for you, I’m confident it is the way to go.


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