Day 167: The good in us

Today, in just a matter of twenty minutes I went from laughing hysterically all by to myself (and by myself) at something shared in a whatsapp group, to crying fat, hot, helpless tears that just wouldn’t stop.

Reasons for laughing are far too many and often too silly to share without context, so I will skip that part. But my reason for crying was this video that I stumbled upon, just two weeks after I donated to this campaign to save Mona. The updates were gut-wrenching and I had stopped checking, believing that the collective goodwill of people would take her, her baby and her husband through if they were meant to.

For those of you in the know, perhaps this video will fill your heart with impossible amounts of gratitude and restore your faith in people and in social media, like it did for me. For those who don’t know, here is the full story on the Milaap campaign page. It’s quite frankly one of the most amazing stories of change and positivity I’ve witnessed in a while. The need for funds remains and there is still good reason for you to donate, should you wish to.

After a gut-wrenching week of bad news all round, this really hit the spot for me.


After about four-five days of good rain, we’ve had a dry spell that made me turn the air conditioning on again. But I will not complain. The going has been good. I’m feeling very focused, together and positive.

There was a work trip that took me to North Goa last week and I drove out on a just-rained highway, with that oddly ethereal blue-green dappled light making shadows all over. At one point I entered this spot and just had to take a picture. It doesn’t do justice to what I saw, but it was a moment of peace and thankfulness I wanted to remember.


Far too many feels this past week, which usually makes me do two things, check if I’m PMSing and check the moon phases. On point, on both counts. I’m bracing myself for some no-apparent-reason-waterworks in the days to come.

3 thoughts on “Day 167: The good in us

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  3. Hi Revati,

    Cant recollect when exactly I stumbled upon your blog, I am happy I did. Reading through your posts has become a habit now, feels like I am reading a letter from a familiar friend. Love the music tracks you include at the end!


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