Day 174: Hit by a crippling case of travel excitement

You know the excitement that precedes a holiday? The anticipation that makes you edgy and restless? Well this whole week I’ve had a major bout of that.

When I planned my holiday to Chettinadu with R and S, I also meticulously chalked out my deadlines for the month, especially those that fall this week, and planned out a systematic way to meet them well within time, and in a way that would cause as little anxiety as possible.

I’ve had a good work month and there’s been a fair bit of work to finish. I have been in the flow for the most part but last week I began to feel my enthusiasm fade a bit. For one, the weather has been really tempting me to laze around. Add to it this week’s travel excitement. And a little requisite laziness, and you have what turned into three days of painfully long drawn out waiting. Working through it would have been a good way to get through it faster but that didn’t go so well. 

This has been the pattern for the last 5-6 trips out of Goa. Despite all my well intentioned plan to be a grown up for a change and finish my work like a responsible adult so I am free from deadlines on the eve of my trip, the opposite always happens. So there I was today, racing through two stories and half a content assignment – all due today. With a little shopping still pendinG. And my bags still unpacked. 

At 8 pm I was still plodding through, when we had a power cut. Half an hour later when the electricity was still not back I resigned myself to an all-nighter. I worked until 10, took a ten minute break to throw some stuff into a suitcase and got right back to finishing off my work which I’m happy to report, should be  done in about 30 mins or so. 

Tomorrow, I’m off to Chennai where I will catch up with R and S, and the three of us are driving ourselves to Chettinad. R and I have been talking about this trip for as long as I can remember. ePossibly ver since we discovered our common love for food, sarees and antiques. When in a stray conversation with S, she mentioned that she too wanted to visit, it only made sense for us to turn it into a girlie weekend junket. 

So there’s no prizes for guessing why I’m so terribly excited to the point of being unable to function properly this week. It’s only Wednesday but tonight I will shut my laptop down pack it away and leave it behind. It’s been a crazy month and I’m looking forward to the break and some giggly times with the girls. 

I’m so much excaaaaiiite!

6 thoughts on “Day 174: Hit by a crippling case of travel excitement

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  5. Hello Revati, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love reading your blog. I come everyday to read every story of yours and even re-read the old one’s. I miss the food posts and I love your taste in music too. Keep writing, keep inspiring and keep living life Queen size. More power to you =)


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