Day 175: Kursi ki peti

So it begins. After weeks of planning, hyperventilating and sharing our uncontainable excitement, a very stressful week leading up to travel day, and finally I’m here.

I bumped into a friend on the flight this morning and when she heard where I was off to, and with whom she was filled with wonder. It’s amazing that you have not one but two friends who interested in the same things, enough to make a trip of it, she said.

I hadn’t thought about it like that. Until then. It is kind of nice. Because it’s not the most obviously hokiday-esque place unless you’re specifically into historic architecture, dilapidated mansions, handmade tiles, cotton sarees and spicy food.

It’s a motley assortment. But it’s just what the three of us wanted and somehow things just fell into place very quickly. And we’re off tomorrow.

A plane ride. A roadtrip. Two girlfriends for company. Lots of food pitstops, plenty of gabbing and giggling (if today is anything to go by).

Okay bye.

4 thoughts on “Day 175: Kursi ki peti

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