Day 187: June

It’s monsoon month! Possibly the biggest highlight of June was that summer had passed and it’s started to rain pour again. I felt the fuzzies when I realised it’s my 7th monsoon in Goa. Something about time creeping by fast, and yet slowly in a way that it can only in Goa.

Apart from that, it’s business as usual. I spent a lot of time at work. And with thoughts about work. This month, I took on help to do the cooking so I could free myself of what was becoming a pretty thankless chore for me. It paid off in that I was able to spend a lot of my extra time writing (and worrying). But I’m also feeling exhausted like I may have aimed to over-achieve with not as much success as I’d have liked. That just makes for a very stressful way of working and I probably need to look into balancing the bouts of productivity with the inevitable procrastination that hits often.

Those minor niggling keedas aside, I kept going and somehow got some fun work done. There was the Period Story. And there were these three stories – a family cookbook of Andhra cuisine, a museum of Goan costume and the future of tea in India.

I didn’t publish this anywhere, but maybe I should have considered it because so many people wrote in to tell me I took the words out of their minds when I wrote a ranty response to a piece in the Guardian that said posting pictures online is like producing our own obituaries.

I watched a lot of movies last month. Sairat sent me on a regional film spiral. And then there was Udta Punjab that I watched twice, because that’s how much I enjoyed it. And then I watched Tamasha again, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it (after disliking it the first time).

But the most exciting part of last month was my long awaited holiday to the Chettinadu region. R, S and I drove down there from Madras and had a truly memorable holiday. A girly trip after ages had me wondering why this hasn’t happened before and definitely has me wanting to do this more often.

I came back to Goa smack in the midst of a week-long storm. And it was lovely.

There are some minor travels in store across July/August, and I have a mildly ambitious pitch list that I dived into yesterday. I want to crack at least 2 new pubs this month, let’s see how that goes. Apart from that I’m focusing on trying to get back to curtailing working on weekdays so I can binge on all the things that are once again being ignored, like reading, drawing, going out, on weekends. Does this never ending balancing act ever get easy?

This astonishment is probably getting old, but HOLY FUCK IT’S JULY. 6 months down, 6 to go. 180+ posts done, 180+ more to go. Ho hum dum sigh. Get on with it now, shall we?

8 thoughts on “Day 187: June

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  5. My husband and I both loved Tamasha, we watched it four times! It grows on you, I agree. Somehow, it seemed to cater to that inexplicable angst that creative or introverted people go through, which is very refreshing after movies that focus only on “having fun.” Plus, the fights were so real! ;)


    1. Actually I think its the fights that killed it for me the first time. But your observation about the angst of introverts is interesting – I never looked at it like that!


      1. I guess I liked the fights because my husband and I say/do the exact same things when we disagree with each other. It’s a marriage of two very intense, social introverts, just like in the film! The good, the bad, everything is amplified! Tough marriage, I have realised over the years, but every bit worth keeping. :)


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