Day 193: Like Nike, but better

You’ve probably seen the video launching the new Indian nike campaign, because it’s literally all over social media today. In case you haven’t, here, see.

For convenience, it’s being called an ad, but if I were to really nitpick I’d have to say it’s not an ad. Just branded content that’s the order of the day given our increasingly digital lives – fleeting, stopping only for media that jogs your senses. It’s only supposed to leave an impression and register the brand name. I think it does that job pretty well. It’s downright pump-your-fist-in-the-air-get-off-your-butt-and-move material. I watched it right after I returned form my workout this morning and even then I felt like I immediately going for a run. Or clobbering a punching bag. Or dancing wildly. So mission accomplished, I suppose.

I only had two complains. I wish it had more non-skinny girls. And I wish it wasn’t so overly glamorised and airbrushed to perfection. Sure, I get the difference between an ad with a message, and branded content that’s meant to just make you sit up and look and not really dig deeper. But this was a chance, this was an opportunity to use real Indian sportswomen and Deepika Padukone to make a solid statement with depth and substance. To take a stand and be fierce about it. To get viewers to think a little before just grooving to the song (as I did) and moving on.

And for that reason, here are some kickass ads that do the job slightly better than Nike’s new video.

Remember the This Girl Can campaign film? With copy that still gives me goosebumps.

This punchy Under Armour ad, that I think was definitely the inspiration Nike was going with.

And this one that gives me all the right feels. Because, kickboxing.

Finally someone decided that blood needs to be red. And real. And non icky.

And this, for how well it’s made. It still fills me with a burst of inspiration today, as it did the first time I watched it. Any ad that does that is doing its job well.

12 thoughts on “Day 193: Like Nike, but better

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  9. Agree with you completely on the glamorisation of the people in the video though I was happy to see that they used real sportswomen. I missed some of the message with the dancing and the Deepika Padukone playing badminton. Can’t we give sportswomen the spotlight at least once without throwing in glamsham?


    1. YES! Must we bollywood everyday thing? It’s like we’re confirming the fact that unless there’s enough perfectly airbrushed skin showing, a requisite amount of dancing-shancing and that token stereotypical kitschy Indian symbol (either a truck or an auto!) we cant be taken seriously.


      1. It reminded me of that Nike ad where they played cricket on top of traffic to a Konkani song. I’m also in no way discounting the fact that Deepika can play badminton. I’m sure she can but that’s not why she’s in the video. I’m sure the ad agency didn’t want her in it but then the client came in and said “nononono Have to have her face or nobody will know what Nike is.”


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