Day 196: Down and out

13599_10154695723409606_2657219934308189782_nAs of last night, my throat has packed up. I may have dodged another round of anti-biotics. But this pre-period throat infection cycle needs to be broken because more than anything, I’m feeling let down by my body, because I really take care of it.

Owing to sudden flu-like situation, I decided it was best I skip working out today. And we know what that does to me.

Also, as of last night my fitbit died on me. Randomly, out of the blue. It was working fine one moment, and the next it was out of whack. The timing all off, refusing to sync. I tried everything google suggested and finally realised the bluetooth component on the device isn’t working. And without it, I cannot sync data, or update the firmware, or reset and reinstall the device. Talk about a major flaw in the product. And what a price to pay, because its been rendered completely useless in one swift blow. I may have to just throw it away.

I’m absolutely sick and tired of starting everyday with payment follow-up emails. I’M. JUST. SO. EFFING. DONE. Is it really that difficult to just be a decent client, and pay people on time. Especially when they deliver work on time? It really shouldn’t be that hard.

My body hurts and my mind feels like it’s on weekend more. But it’s just Thursday. And I haven’t had my dose of endorphins today.

Right. I’m done.

10 thoughts on “Day 196: Down and out

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